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Driving Interoperability to the NFT ecosystem with Octopus Network

A lot of changes and growth have occurred in the NFT community in the last few years. The need to drive innovation in the NFT ecosystem becomes an important mechanism to meet the evolutionary needs of the crypto space.

Addressing the growing needs in the NFT marketplace and delivering solutions for improved user experience remains the sole reason why Unique One Network (UON) was launched on Octopus Network. This is achieved by harnessing the interoperability of the Octopus Network and the functionality of the NEAR ecosystem.

However, it is important to explore the Octopus Network and why it is the best choice to launch Unique One Network. This will help you understand what UON aims to achieve and how collaborating with Octopus will ensure its success.

What is the Octopus Network?

Octopus Network is the one-stop solution for app chains and Web3-based systems. It is a multichain network built on NEAR Protocol, offering cross-chain interoperability and a solid infrastructure for developing and launching app chains.

Octopus Network provides benefits such as reduced cost of deployment, flexibility, and cost-efficient security. Octopus makes it easier for projects to grow. Not limited to the introduction of a cost-efficient system, it also provides an engaging community for app chains.

The goal of every developer/founder on the Web3/Blockchain spaces is to build usable products and solutions and gain market traction while maintaining a cost-effective budget. With the help of NEAR Protocol, Octopus remains the only (best) solid infrastructure for app chains, sustaining the development of specific blockchain apps.

Unique One Network: Aims and Objectives

Let’s get straight to the point. What innovation is Unique One Network driving in the Web3 space?

Unique One is the first Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible app chain launched on Octopus Network to sustain evolutionary developments in the NFT space. It is important to note that the Unique One project is not limited to NFTs and their advancements.

Unique One aims to cover fundamental areas in the crypto space, pioneering innovations to the P2E gaming system, DeFi, VR, AI, and the metaverse community. Our goal is to provide an innovative infrastructure for blockchain and Web 3 systems.

UON kicked off with the aim of incentivizing digital creators. We started with building a decentralized platform for NFTs, leveraging the concept of DAOs.

As a pioneer project in the NFT space, Unique One has explored different mechanisms to support the growth of NFTs, solving rising challenges in the industry. The development team at UON understands the need to tokenize digital art, but this must be done at an affordable range for digital creators.

The primary goal of the Unique One Network is to provide a platform where digital creators can easily monetize their art without the fear of accumulating ridiculous prices — making it easier for beginner artists to mint and sell their crafts without any visible concerns.

UON’s collaboration with NEAR-Octopus has helped us eliminate high transaction fees while maintaining a multichain economy.

Why did Unique One Network choose Octopus?

1. Interoperability

Building on a cross-chain technology will not only help us scale but also achieve a trustless and permissionless interaction with NEAR, ETH, or any IBC-enabled blockchain. Collaborating with Octopus helps us harness interoperability across NEAR Protocol while maintaining interaction with Ethereum (ETH) through the Rainbow bridge.

This supports the seamless transfer of assets to/from our app chains to ETH, NEAR, or any IBC-enabled blockchain system. Interoperability is the future of blockchain technology. UON is leading the Web3 innovation in the NFT ecosystem.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Octopus Network helped us achieve a Cost-effective budget for the launch of our app chain. The use of Octopus’s leased security system (LPoS) reduces the cost of launching our app chain by 100x.

Considering the fact that Octopus runs on NEAR, UON is incorporated into the benefits of low transaction costs and the sharding system that the protocol offers.

3. Web3 Innovation

What is better than revolutionizing the NFT space to address users’ challenges?

The goal of Unique One Network is to introduce the best practices and technologies that will advance the NFT ecosystem. This includes the introduction of cross transfer to NFT bridging, NFT fractionalization, and an app chain to function as a marketplace for auctions.

Octopus Network does not only provide an independent consensus but also provides decentralized incubation that supports symbiotic relationships between DeFi protocols. More importantly, a lot of blockchain systems face great criticism for the absence of a responsive user experience.

The user experience of NEAR, which is adopted on Octopus Network, the ease of scalability, and multichain economy drives the mechanism for Web 3. UniqueOne is able to achieve its multichain NFT marketplace that cuts across mega auctions and multiple instruments, down to our fundraising system. This is because we built on Octopus Network.

Octopus is the only app chain-specific network, successfully driving adoption for Web 3 projects.

4. Security

Octopus provides us with an independent economy that lets us decide how we choose to reward validators for security. The leased security system (LPoS) gives us the monopoly to strike a balance between building a cost-effective policy and a highly secure network. UON is allowed the flexibility and scalability that comes with these options.

It is exciting to have Unique One Network as one of the first few appchains on Octopus Network, driving the evolution of NFTs.

Are you thrilled about what we are set to achieve in the NFT ecosystem?



UniqueOne Network
Unique One Network

A Substrate-based next-generation NFT application-specific blockchain leveraging Web3.0 interoperability to augment the NFT Evolution.