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5 reasons why you should choose Uniresidences

There are a thousand reasons why you should look for your next home on Unisresidences. We have selected the 5 reasons that will convince you.

1. Let’s make friends!

It’s easier to make friends when everyone lives in student accommodation. Everyone will be nervous, excited and ready to mingle at the start of the year, so by living in a student residence, you can take advantage of the friendly atmosphere and make some close bonds. Some residences are mostly populated by international students, so that’s an added bonus if you want to make friends from all over the world!

2. You’ll have study buddies

Apart from getting more opportunities to make friends, living in a student dorm can also be useful when it comes to studying. Still up at 3am and need to speak to someone about tomorrow’s exam — see who else still has their light on! Need a particular book that you couldn’t find at the library? Post a note on the notice board to see if anyone in your dorm has a copy.

3. Classes are one step away

Living in a residence means you can set your alarm later in the mornings, as student accommodation is usually located within their city’s centres, making sure you spend less time on your commute to the university and have more time enjoying your life.

4. Personal Development

Just by living in a residence, you will learn many problem-solving skills. You will be encouraged to become more independent and self-sufficient. The best way to make the most out of your time abroad is to surround yourself with people you feel connected with, do things that scare you, go out of your comfort zone… and it will be amazing!

5. Amazing Amenities

In addition to your room, in the residence you could find several lounges like sports lounges, movie lounges, calm rooms or study lounges. Whether you are looking to socialize, work out, relax or study, there is something for everyone. Remember that every residence is unique, check out the amenities of each one in Uniresidences!

Remember, your next place is waiting for you on Uniresidences

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With love,

Uniresidences Team 🧡



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