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5 Types of students you will definitely find at your University

Many things in your college life are uncertain…

You never know if you will pass that really hard exam which everyone seems to fail, if you will find the love of your life at the annual university gala, or if you will be able to get up in the morning after that magical Friday night at the club…

But one thing is certain: you will have at least one of these types of students sitting next to you in class! Can you spot any of your friends here?

The Aspiring Comedian

The Aspiring Comedian is a symbol for students that deny their grown-up status and takes this responsibility with pride-

This person is always ready for a prank, for a sassy comment or for some banter with the teacher, and it is probably the one still saying “That’s what she said” more times than you can count.

You can always rely on this friend to make the slow moments more bearable.

The party animal

Coincidently, it is a great person to ask for drinks recommendations…

Typically holds the nightlife guide to every club in the city and is always the one starting the conversation when it comes to planning a night out no matter what day of the week.

In class, it’s not hard to spot either, with its sunglasses, head looking down and arriving late to the 9 AM class the next morning.

The “Red Bull and Chill” One

Procrastinating seems to be as common in a student’s life as opportunities to have fun but there is always someone who takes it up a notch.

3 hours until the assignment deadline? “Calm down, I will start working on it now…”, one day until the final exam? “No worries, three Red Bulls, a one-nighter and I will get an A!”.

These adrenaline people are capable of the most amazing time-pressing feats and will make even the calmest person faint of stress.

The multi-tasker

Some people struggle to find the right balance between studying, living a healthy life and being socially active but not this person!

The Multi-Tasker manages to study 📚, sleep 8 hours a day 😴, eat healthily 🍛, go to the gym 🏋️, learn three different languages simultaneously ㊙️, go to every class 🤓, get a side job and somehow 🧑‍💻, manage to belong to two student associations… Can you tell us your secret, please?

The “Missing” Joe

Faithfully to its spot on this list, this student lives deep in hiding throughout the whole semester and only lurks out at the end of the period…

You are sure you have heard someone whisper its name, but you can’t quite point out who this person is. Be it in the final exam or in the group project presentation, you can count on them to only reveal their identity in the last moments of the semester!

Until then, you will have to be content with seeing their picture in your WhatsApp group…

If you didn’t find a friend that fits the description, then you are probably one of them 😉!

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