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Uniris Weekly Update N°17 — EN

News for the week of April 26, 2021.

This weekly update gives you a preview of what’s new at Uniris. To receive it for free by e-mail, subscribe here!

Networking layer: Stream Multiplexing

The Dev Team has started to implement a new feature for the networking layer called ‘STREAM MULTIPLEXING’. This function allows to broadcast several messages using any internet connection. This feature alone will reduce overhead and resource consumption for the miner. For example, for phone calls, a single multi-frequency line is sufficient to allow simultaneous calls.

Network Coordinates Algorithm

This algorithm, which was inspired by astronomical statistics, is finally implemented and will be soon published. This algorithm helps with sending/receiving the data across the planet faster and more efficiently than any other decentralized network.

Uniris Node & Miner Update

Uniris technical team is currently working on the mining and node-related work. Various developments are currently in progress :

  • Work on verification of TPM’s endorsement key certificate to ensure identity and root-of-trust.
  • Work on the flow process of key generation, verification, and management for the Uniris node.
  • The team has successfully implemented the key inter-operability subroutine for UNIRIS node software.

Second edition of the Uniris Bounty Campaign is coming soon!

Discover all our new developments on Github

About Uniris:

Uniris’s promise is to provide access to all technologies by protecting your identity with the touch of a finger. An ultra-secure and tamper-proof technology that allows any password, key or other medium to be replaced as securely as a bank card chip, simply by reading the inside of one’s fingers.

Designated for mass adoption, Uniris is based on a new unbreakable ARCHE validation consensus, which is extremely secure and enables an unlimited number of transactions. Our blockchain platform aims to replace all current applications with a complete and open ecosystem.

Programmable Fintech, smart-city, secure and interoperable health. A unique technology with infinite possibilities. To learn more, discover our white paper.

Join us as an investor, developer, ambassador and become today an active builder of this New World.

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ArchEthic is a fast, secure & low-consumption layer 1. We are making the blockchain world accessible with the tip of a finger 🧬 Be the only 🔑

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