United Baristas is now open for stories

Every barista has a story, share it with the community

We’ve updated the style and purpose of our Medium to better reflect the platform’s strengths and the United Baristas community.

Share your insights and experience

Our new Community section is open to everyone.

We often get positive feedback on our Insight articles, but the correspondence that excites us the most is when we encounter a difference of opinion. By opening this section we want to give a variety of views a public airing on our soapbox, to our community, so that we can collectively further refine and develop our thinking.

Good ideas come from anywhere

United Baristas knows that good ideas come from anyone, whether it’s the first-day employee, a customer, a contrarian, or a captain of industry — or anyone else!

It’s our responsibly as leaders and managers to provide initially imperfect ideas that have the germ of something special the space to grow, develop, be refined, balanced, and updated. While good ideas come from anywhere, this is almost always how an ‘idea’ becomes a good idea.

You don’t have to work up fully formed ideas or strategies by yourself; but rather to share the insights and experiences that you believe to be important for understanding specialty coffee and shaping its future. So the door is open for you all to bring what you have to the opportunities and challenges that face us. For surely, we’re have learnt by now that:

together, we achieve more.

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