Against Medical Technology

Modern medical technology has become a plague on both humanity and the planet which we inhabit. Medical technology has proven to be a nuisance to the natural order of life time and time again, constantly breaking the rules of nature for our own good. The laws that keep nature at bay have been completely put by the wayside in search of ways to keep the human animal alive and well. In doing this, we have put the survivability of our own species at risk.

Firstly, the largest problem that comes with the advancement of medical technology is it’s sheer hinderance on organic features of the natural world, such as natural selection. When we use technology to falsely throw these rules by the wayside, we are in fact killing off our own species very gradually. The reason this is able to take place is simply because we are allowing anybody and everybody to contribute genes to the gene pool. This is simply unnatural and breeds failure to the highest degree. In allowing anybody and everybody to contribute their genes to the pool, we are allowing weaker genes to perpetuate themselves. For example, one with a heart condition would normally not survive long enough in an organic society to perpetuate their genes to the next generation. However, through the wonders of modern medical technology, people with debilitating diseases and conditions can now prolong the lifespan of weaker genes by adding them to the gene pool for the next generation to adopt. This would never be able to take place in a primitive society, as those with the weaker genes would most likely die off before they are able to procreate. This may seem savage, however, this is an organic part of nature that allows our species to grow and become bigger, better, faster and stronger than we could ever imagine. The days in which only the strongest are able to survive long enough to procreate are long gone. In this day and age, anybody can procreate and add their sick, diseased genes to the gene fool for future generations to inherit. Our species will never, ever be able to become better if we allow this to continue. In fact, by allowing anybody and everybody to procreate, we are devolving our species to a lesser animal than what we were prior to civilization.

Secondly, the prolonging of the human life with unnatural aids such as medical technology is simply protracting the inevitable. Nature did not intend for the human animal to have an average lifespan of 79 years. That is not how we evolved to live, and it never will be. Prior to the discovery of the wonders of agricultural civilization some 12,000 years ago, the average human lifespan was only 30–40 years. That is enough time for one to procreate, raise their kin to adulthood, and pass on. This is the optimal lifespan for the human animal, as it allows one to live a fulfilling life. No more, or no less. This is how we were meant to live. Why have we decided that it is better that we live longer lives, yet our lives are still not as fulfilling? It is because we have taken the liberty of doing nature’s work. Nature should be what decides how long one may live, and if they live long enough to procreate, not humanity. If natural selection is continually put into the jurisdiction of humanity, instead of the natural world, we are certainly going to have a bleak future ahead of us. If this path is to be followed by humanity into the future in the name of “advancement,” we will live longer lives, yet our lives will perpetually be far less fulfilling than the generation prior.

In conclusion, medical technology has become a false god to those of the civilized world. It promotes that which we wish to eradicate with it. We continually search for cures to these gruesome sicknesses, yet we allow these same diseases to pollute our gene pool for future generations. Why have we chosen that this is the right path? This is the path to the devolution of the human animal at its peak. If we are to strive to evolve to become the best species we can be, why have we eliminated the factor of natural selection entirely? It simply makes no sense to me that we as a species continually allow ourselves to become as engrained as possible within this degenerately technological system known as civilization. Maybe one day our species will look back upon this dark time as an obstacle that was overcome in search of a brighter tomorrow.