Industrial Hegemony

It has become progressively clear in the recent decades that the industrial system has become increasingly dominant over the natural world. This is the type of dominance that absolutely suppresses nature’s ability to thrive or survive. It is now that the industrial empire has complete and utter hegemony over the Earth, and everything living upon it.

The industrial system has currently established a stranglehold on all that lives on this Earth, and it will not let up until something gives. We have two options in this fight against industrialism. Our first option is to fight back against the oppressive tendrils of the technosphere, thus bringing down the industrialized world. Our second option in this conflict is to submit to the chains of industrialism that bind us to this unhuman way of life.

A sad day has come when a man may no longer walk into the forest to witness the wonders that nature has to offer because it has become corporate-owned property. The time has come that the system that we have become integrated within, has run out of control, and is on a course for total failure.

The techno-sphere has evolved into a disease that has infected the minds of all who are subject to it’s overwhelming magnitude. This infection of the mind has trained us to believe that the only true way to live is within this debilitating cage that we call civilization. This disease has spread to the point where almost all hope has been lost for a cure. The cure that we need for this infectious disease that rots away our minds, as well as our will to survive is a return to a primitive way of life that effectively integrates the human animal within it’s natural habitat.