The Non-Human Factors of the NAP

Within the radical ideology known as Anarcho-Capitalism, there is only one principle that governs how all humans may live. This principle is known as the Non-Aggression Principle. This rule says that one may do whatever he or she wants, as long it does not violate the rights of any other human who is also subject to the NAP. This is a fairly straightforward principle, and may be applied to almost any other “anarchist” ideology. However, within this principle that is the main force of AnCap ideology, there comes many different interpretations of how this applies, and who it pertains to. There is one factor that I believe is not accurately taken into account when considering the Non-Aggression Principle. This unconsidered factor is the interference of non-humans within human society. It is quite often that we find animal society defiantly seeking to defend itself against human civilization, after all. This leads me to the conclusion that if we are to achieve a truly tribal post-civilized society, we must consider the non-human element as far as the Non-Aggression Principle is concerned.

Firstly, I believe that there is a great discrepancy in between the NAP model for society, and the post-civilized society that we wish to achieve. The NAP constricts us from utilizing our fellow humans to our advantage. This is something that can be observed among animals and other non-humans in nature time and time again. Tribal societies often used their surroundings to their advantage to ensure their own survival. For example, small clusters of forest were cleared in order to provide shelter for an entire tribe. Another example would be coastal tribes utilizing their fishing resource to provide food to their own kin. However, what these tribal societies took part in is not comparable to the devastating strain put upon the Earth by our massive human population today. In an industrial society, these forests would be completely clear cut to provide space for industrial developments. If the NAP were to extend to non-humans in this instance, then wouldn’t the tribal societies be violating the NAP of the natural resources around them in order to provide for one’s self?

Well, the short answer is no. Tribal societies have always used their surroundings to ensure their survival, as well as non-humans. This is simply a part of nature that can not be denied. Many species in nature will always depend on one another to ensure their own survival. Many species also compete amongst their own species to ensure that only the strongest genetic traits are passed down to the next generation. This element has come to be known as natural selection. In a society that is ruled by the NAP, natural selection is completely prevented from taking place. This means that human societies will cease to improve over time through competition. This will result in the human species being left in a state where it is never able to improve as a whole, therefore natural selection has little to no control over the growth and competition within human society. It seems that we have provided ourselves a cushion within civilization to shelter our species from the control that natural selection provides. Many people describe this concept as Social Darwinism, the notion that Darwin’s natural selection will still continue to apply throughout human society. However, this notion is simply false, seeing as our population has little to no factors preventing it from growing exponentially since the dawn of civilization. It is civilization that has provided us a shelter from inherent factors that come together to form natural selection. We continue to expand this ever-growing shelter every day through medications, vaccines and modern medicine that prevent us from being subject to natural selection. After all, if it weren’t for vaccines, many of us humans would die at a very young age. Many people somehow see this as a bad thing, but I simply can not see that line of logic. A lack of modern medicine provides humanity with a controlling factor that prevents the population from growing to a point where it can no longer sustain itself. Even if many of us would not live beyond the age of 40, why shouldn’t we? The average lifespan among animals hovers at around 40 years. We are animals after all.

Tribal societies did not apply a concept that is reminiscent of the NAP within their own societies. You know why? Because it is completely unnatural to provide an artificial framework for which a society must live by. It is illogical that we provide ourselves a principle within human society that prevents controlling factors of nature from affecting us. We are not exempt from the laws of nature. We are animals who must be subject to natural selection to ensure the survival of our species and the planet. However, I believe that it may be too late at this point to completely scrap our societal framework in favor of a tribal one. This planet could not sustain 7.5 billion people living in hunter-gatherer society, nor can it sustain 7.5 billion people living in industrial society. Human tribal societies did not employ anything similar to the NAP, and they were able to survive for approximately 188,000 years. This is in contrast to our civilized society that has created a societal framework that prevents control, only excess. These societies have only existed for the last 12,000 years, and will not exist for much longer.

So, should the NAP be modified to accommodate for the non-human element? My final answer is no. I believe that the NAP is a failed system of governance that will never provide an adequate societal framework to replace the existing one. This is not to say that our existing systems of governance are adequate in the least. Neither the NAP nor the existing ones are sustainable systems for the future of our species. I now conclude that all societal systems in which we constrict and shelter ourselves from the laws of nature are completely inferior to tribal societies. Both of these “solutions” must be destroyed at all costs in favor of a society that is subject to natural factors.

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