Why I Left The Green Party

At the height of the 2016 Presidential Election cycle, my interest in political discussion and conflict was beginning to take shape. At this point in time, I had yet to become radicalized, and being a young person, I had of course thrown my support behind Bernie Sanders. His great promises for the American people, as well as his inspiring charisma. This one presidential campaign had converted my non-existent political beliefs to social democracy. As I live in Canada, I found that as a young social democrat, I had two options. These two were the New Democratic Party and the Green Party of Canada.

Faced with this decision, I carefully read over the official party platforms of both of my potential options. I was quite intrigued by the promises of the Green Party, while the NDP seemed to uphold the status-quo of Canadian social democracy. With my keen interest in the preservation of the planet and it’s natural resources, I decided to become a member of the Green Party of Canada. As well as becoming a party member, I decided that it would be in my interest as a young person to join the youth wing of the party as well. Within a few days of my joining, I was contacted by a representative of the Young Greens of Canada. I was ecstatic at this opportunity to begin my political career, and I took the first opportunity to meet up with fellow party members at a coffee shop.

This experience with fellow members of the Young Greens of Canada lead me to develop a decreasing amount of support for the party as a whole. The people with whom I met were very nice people, however, we simply did not see eye to eye on issues concerning the future of the planet and the future of humanity.

To me, it seemed as if the Green Party of Canada was filled with many people who are unable to see the full extent of the human impact on the planet. Simply organizing protests or e-waste drives is effectively doing absolutely nil to preserve a future for our planet and the life that it contains. These members seemed to be the least radicalized environmentalists that there can be. There was no actual direct action that was in the picture for this organization other than protests filled with Liberals. The focus of the party was not accurately addressing the issues that we face as a species and as a nation.

I was thoroughly disappointed in my fellow environmentalists, who seemingly sided with whatever the Liberal Party concocted as a social issue to focus on. The party was simply far too liberal to make a serious difference in ecological issues that are affecting our Earth. For example, the party decided to side with issues such as Black Lives Matter. This is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things concerning the future of our planet. Petty social issues concocted by liberals have no place in a party which boasts the environment as it’s top priority. If the future of the Earth was truly this organization’s number one priority, it would surely resemble an organization such as the infamous Earth First! In terms of values.

In conclusion, it was a combination of petty liberalism, as well as inadequate support for real environmental issues and solutions that lead me to the cancellation of my membership within the Green Party of Canada. Until I find a political party that addresses the future of our planet with adequate campaigns, I will be remaining independent.

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