ODNI News Release January 24, 2017

ODNI Releases Statement on Planned Intelligence Gathering and Operational Reforms



ODNI News Release

January 24, 2017

Intelligence Reform:

ODNI Releases Statement on Planned Intelligence Reforms

Today, our third day in office, DNI largeTitanic2 began work for an intelligence reform program that will decrease intelligence leaks, increase the rate of declassification, and allow for a smoother flow of information from agents to the DNI and President.

One of the most important things we do in the ODNI is ensuring our operations go without a hitch. This hasn’t been done very well in the past. Not only have we very rarely ever declassified anything, we’ve neglected to take the proper precautions across all intelligence agencies in order to ensure that leaks aren’t a major problem. With the war coming up, we’ve got better things to focus on than worrying about whether or not our intelligence will be leaked by our own agents. The DNI’s new National Intelligence Enhancement Program (NIEP) is his plan to bring the standards of IC intelligence gathering, analysis, etc. up to speed. It will also establish the National Intelligence Council, whose primary job will be to speak with Congress regarding IC laws.

The next thing we’d like to announce is that in the coming weeks we’ll be putting out a massive list of documents from the IC Archives system that we no longer believe need to be classified. This will include presidential briefs, operations, analyses, previously classified meeting briefs, IC logs, and much more. It will begin as soon as the new ADNI for Public Affairs is in office, but it won’t be done immediately. There are hundreds upon hundreds of documents in the archives that need to be considered for declassification, and it will take time, but today marks the beginning of this effort.

— largeTitanic2, Director of National Intelligence