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About Game Bravo Storm beta is a video game that comes with the Facebook game network. Bravo Storm is a explicit first person shooter you are able to play inside your web browser using Unity Webplayer, here on Facebook! The reason why a first person shooter? Why within the browser? With igv people loved playing a variety of FPS’s, but often people were quick on time (people wanted to return to work!). People were fed up with waiting usually providing five or several minutes in order to enter a game. We did not particularly enjoy the choices, therefore we believed, why not simply build our personal game? Right after lot of efforts, Bravo Storm was created and revealed. Bravo Storm developed it browser based so there there may never have to be extra patches as well as lengthy install times. Every time you load the game, you load the most recent version for the game, and so are all set to start taking over! It has 500,000 players This is what the game developer said on unity forum when the game is in working

Hi Everyone, This little creation of mine comes from my passion for first person shooters. I’ve been working on this game for the past year, full time, as a solo developer. Being a PC gamer, I wanted to make a shooter where you could just play. I had the feeling that other games wanted me to log into various systems, update my browser and download a 50MB update each time I wanted to play. I want people to just be able to click and play, but still get a great experience. Bravo Storm is browser based,ie WebPlayer. Lately I’ve been working really hard on optimizing the game, especially graphics related, so that the game will be really light weight and work even on less powerful machines. I’d be very happy if you would give me your feedback. I just put up the first preview video. It’s still a work in progress, I am working on polishing the UI and of course other goodies
This is of course a multiplayer game
If you want, you can get updates on facebook on:
A thank you also to the helpful Unity community which answered my questions and is always willing to help
Cheers, Tinman

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