Unity Slender Guide by alucardj

Have a look at the complete guide and source of slender by alucardj.

This what he said in unity forum. +unity3DIY

Finally, I have given up and am now making my scripts available for download. If you need to know how these scripts work, watch all my videos. If you want to just get the game running, follow the videos starting at 79 _ Slender the Examination
6 months after I started using Unity 3D I wrote a little ‘guide’ on Unity answers to a question about Slender. That turned out to be crazy, I never expected the amount of traffic and questions that was to come after that. Now ignorance is no excuse but i was naive, I didn’t even know what a Slender was! The first time I answered a question for how to pick up papers, I thought it was for a RPG quest or a school project. When the how can the player detect when the enemy is visible questions came up, I was thinking about Doctor Who (if you know what I mean, you’ll know. I want to do that one myself!). In summary I am trying to clean up my error.
After nearly 17 000 views at current date I cannot just delete the whole thing, so what I’ve done is a video series of me doing my own guide. Hopefully this shows how to use the scripts I wrote back then, as there are so many copies of them out there now. Some bug fixes, some explanation, alot of me making my own mistakes. Any programmer will tell you when they look back on a project there is always thing they would do completely different, we are always learning and expanding our knowledge. So please keep that in mind while going through all my nonsense.
The theme of this video series is “ A guide written by a noob, for noobs “

Get all the guide and source links here http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/slender-guide-by-alucardj.172415/

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