100 Days Report and next 100 Days Plan

We’ve done so much in the past 100 days

  • 13 big conferences (Keynote speaker)
  • Visited 14 countries and held meetings on the highest level
  • 167 potential clients in the sales pipeline
  • 2 new big contracts signed
  • UTN smart contract https://lnd.im/utn
  • HyperTokens ultraBTC/ultraETH & instantSWAP
  • established Universa Foundation and Universa Holding AG
  • held an infinite number of talks and training sessions on blockchain technologies
  • Forbes published us, and we’ve been on the national TV channels
  • launched or agreed to open Universa almost in all planned regions

See for yourself: all we’ve done is highlighted in green, and what we haven’t — in red.

Legal structuring (in progress)
Additional growth drivers
detailed results for 100 days — green is good, gray is not so good


Launched the main token UTN (https://lnd.im/utn), which is used for all the operations inside Universa blockchain; with a help of UTN it is possible to transfer any value instantly and almost free.

Launched HyperTokens and instantSWAP — ultraBTC/ultraETH (https://medium.com/@borodich/weeks-18-19-hyper-tokens-ubtc-ueth-4bf12b81c27) — a basis for stable coins. As we seek a jurisdiction for the fully functional stable coin, you can use our groundworks to work with a fast Bitcoin or for Bitcoin-to-Ethereum exchange with Universa escrow.


20/04 SmartCity Bizerte (Keynote Speaker)

24/04 Xiamen FinTech EXPO (Keynote Speaker)

08/05 Hong Kong Blockchain Summit (Keynote Speaker — Future of Blockchain)

10/05 YPO Summit (Keynote Speaker)

14/05 Africa Blockchain Summit Tunis (Keynote Speaker)

16/05 Innovations and Tech for Russia (Keynote Speaker)

17/05 Astana Economic Forum (Keynote Speaker — Future of Money)

22/05 Russian Blockchain Week (Keynote Speaker — Future of Blockchain)

27/05 SPIEF — the main event for Russia (Blockchain Lounge Sponsor, Keynote Speaker)

30/05 Khanty-Mansiysk, Community Forum (Keynote Speaker)

28/06 International Arab Banking Summit (Keynote Speaker)

9–12/07 Innoprom Russia (Full team invasion, booth, establishment of partnership agreements)

16/07 SAP Innovation Center opening (Participant)

+ several less serious appearances :)

Important negotiations

  • Central Bank of Tunisia
  • Government of Kazakhstan
  • E-Government of Bahrain
  • Government of Russia, Kaluga, Ekaterinbourg, UGRA region
  • National Bank of Lichtenstein
  • SAP
  • Siemens
  • ING Bank

100 days details below in 6 reports

Detailed reports for these 100 days are in the updates below -

And now the plan for the next 100 days

So, in the next 100 days we have to complete the financial and legal structure, relaunch marketing, release developments which were started in the beginning of the year, and establish offices in the regions which are crucial for us (South-East Asia, China, Kazakhstan, Middle East, Africa).

Directions of our activities for a development of the product line –

  • Smart Money — interbank transfers, digital money, stable coin
  • Smart Chains — digital history of goods, cross-chain contracts
  • Smart City — smart real property register, automated municipal services
  • Smart Government — cadaster, elections, smart taxes
focused KPIs

Rough plan for the next 100 days by iterations –

Good luck to us and thank you all for your support!

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Sincerely your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich