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August. Hot smart summer.

According to our 100-day plan, our activities focus on four areas — smart government, smart city, smart money, smart chain. This is why we try to select companies/states in our pipeline that will bring us closer to implementing the projects in one of the four vertical areas chosen. So it’s SAP, Zyfra, Kazakhstan and Bahrain.

Our current objectives for the coming autumn and winter include launching pilot trials and operating projects in the area of smart government (budget spending control, protecting against fake diplomas, etc.), smart cities (smart utility contracts, managing city robots), smart money (social payments, education tokens) and smart blockchain (xEUR, xGOLD). Later these projects will be replicated in other countries.


Moscow, Russia

  • Negotiated with the head of India’s Trade Promotion Council regarding the opportunities to enter the Indian market.
  • Negotiated with ANX on launching an exchange based on the URC20 protocol.
  • Met with Expo2025 organizers to discuss possible integration of our Smart City/Smart Money technologies.
  • Negotiated with Micron on joint development of RFID tags with Universa MainNet verification (working with INNOPROM leads).
  • Talked to Aeroclub, Russia’s largest ticket operator, about a joint solution to control airline ticket sales.
  • Negotiated with Zyfra on a joint solution for the Russian market (working with Innoprom leads).
  • Talked to a communication agency regarding promotion of Universa projects.
  • Negotiated with online marketing department to approve the development strategy for the next three months.
  • Discussed joint training courses with SkolTech University.
  • Negotiated with City XXI Century regarding the use of blockchain technologies in construction and management of residential compounds.
  • Negotiated with SAP population placing an Universa Blockchain stand at the Digital Leadership Center in Moscow, featuring an interactive demo of the technology applications in the real sector of the economy.

St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Negotiated with one of the largest venture capital funds interested in investing into the blockchain technology.

Kaluga, Russia

  • Gave a presentation on implementing smart contracts to manage city robots at the Digital Evolution Center, together with the Governor of Kaluga Oblast and Mayor of Kaluga.
  • Foundation stone ceremony at the IT House construction site in Kaluga, together with the Mayor of Kaluga, Dmitry Razumovsky.
Universa and Mayor of Kaluga

Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • Negotiated with the National Bank of Kazakhstan on the opportunities of using Universa Blockchain technology in the Bank’s current projects.
  • Negotiated on getting Universa Kazakhstan involved in smart contract implementation in utility service fee calculation and payment in Kazakhstan.


  • Negotiated on using Universa Blockchain to reduce circulation of fake education diplomas in the country.

Territory of Innovations at EEF

For the first time, the Eastern Economic Forum agenda will include a special series of events called “Territory of Innovations”, prepared by Universa Blockchain.

We invite startups, interesting projects, developers, specialists — everyone whose technologies and products are capable of changing the world.

The program includes series of business sessions with Russian and foreign investors, top management of major corporations, representatives of investment and venture capital funds, and leading federal media meeting face-to-face with project authors to find startups for investment and new heroes for their publications.

If you would like to participate, please complete the registration form at the following link: https://forumvostok.ru/startup-lounge/innovation-speed-dating/

Participants passing the expert selection can attend EEF events for free.

The participants have to cover airfare and accommodation in Vladivostok.

*Link to special attendance conditions will be emailed to you after your eligibility is confirmed.

Authors of the most successful projects in the investment carousel will receive access to various forms of government support, corporate partner support programs and investment.

Registration is mandatory. Space limited.

Venue — Vladivostok, Russky Island, Far-East Federal University (DVFU) campus
Dates — 10–13 September 2018
Organizer — Roscongress Foundation
Registration is open until 1 September 2018.

Universa in the news

Universa in videos

Alexander Svinin, First Deputy Chairman of Udmurt Republic, presented an information platform for electrical grid interconnection, based on Universa Blockchain technology.

Watch the video from the presentation and the interview.

Product Development

Here are some Universa smart contracts recommended for your perusal


  • Assembling references disassembled when exporting smart contracts
  • Updated the functioning of “revision — of” option in “import” command
  • Deployed revision 3.7.6 of the client and libraries (maven, KB)
  • UNI-46 Substantial development of javascript api (https://kb.universa.io/client_javascript/89 description 2b added), in particular the script can now be used to:
  • Create simple/compound/linked roles by addresses
  • Verify the roles against keys
  • Set a time limit on JS script execution
  • Attach multiple scripts in ZIP archives, or uncompressed JS code
  • When executing an execJS, the content of the script file needs to be transmitted. It will be executed only if the script was attached.
  • Create SplitJoin/ChangeNumber/ChangeOwner/ModifyData/Revoke permissions for addresses
  • Read/write transactional.data for a contract
  • When executing a script, it can be passed an array of paths to shared folders. JS can traverse the folders, find and read the file, create/store files in the first folder of the array and rewrite a file in any shared folder, if found
  • File handling API controls normalized paths, so that a script cannot gain access to where it should not be.
  • Storage is saved as files in the folder referenced in js-api settings
  • Origin now creates subfolders with names generated from hashId; the relevant subfolder is accessed by currentContract origin
  • In Revision, similarly, read access by currentContract.id + write access by currentContract.parent


  • Node owner contract https://kb.universa.io/node_owner_contract/90
  • Mechanism for node interaction with the node owner contract
  • Using big decimal in references
  • Password-protected private keys
  • escrow contract UNI-29 (https://kb.universa.io/contracts_service/16 “Escrow contract”)
  • Mechanism for node interaction with the node owner contract: 50% completed
  • Extended testing and verification of a UNI-27 type token contract (using UTN and uETH as examples): a uETH/uBTC contract can be used as a template for all external convertible currencies (xUSD, xETH, xGOLD).

WebClient 2.0

  • JS API support for data import from the first web client
  • JS API support for split/join operations
  • Multiple JS API fixes, optimizations and helpers for handling smart contracts
  • JS API-based contract loading to the cloud
  • Contract-based WEB CRUD transactions for transaction pack
  • WEB check of a contract status, duplicate check, saving/updating versions in the cloud
  • Web adding users to a chat, handling requests to add a contact
  • Web aggregation of contracts to wallets, displaying aggregate U balance
  • However, several critical errors are preventing us from releasing it as a public beta, which will be fixed shortly :(

WebClient 1.*

  • Fixed display of multiple components
  • Fixed support for old notary contracts
  • Added more sections to contract explorer
  • User-modified UTN contracts are ignored in automatic transactions
  • Extended UNI-45 contract explorer is available via web interface; opens with a click on the contract

Unixchange (Unicashier)

  • Started automatic ERC20 (UTNP) consolidation.
  • Improved nonce handling with multiple Ethereum payments from a single sender: now a new payment from a specific sender can be entered without having to wait for the previous one to be recorded in the blockchain.
  • Architecture improvements for working with third-party blockchains (to further increase modular nature): complete transition to maven repositories for all internal dependencies.
  • Implemented support for “non-managed wallets”, for which balance can be tracked, but no payments are possible
  • Created backup (non-managed) wallets for tracking a cold ERC20 wallet
  • Started work on separating the notion of a currency/payment instrument from the API used to interact with that currency (for example, one API can be used to support several currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Gold).
  • Started the work to support Ethereum Classic.
  • Once a backup UTNP wallet is added for UTN-UTNP exchange, the Explorer will be completed.

And yes, autumn is going to be hot, too. Not because of the weather. :)

Stay tuned!

We are always happy to answer your questions in the Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) and t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the news in t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu (RU).

Sincerely your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich




Universa Blockchain - simple, fast and reliable blockchain protocol for business and apps. The Token Sale has succeffully finished on 08/12. Stay tuned for the updates!

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