Holiday Message from the Universa CEO

As we come to the end of 2017, I think it is important that we use this time of the year to reflect back on what has been achieved from the Universa team together with community members like you. It gives me great pride knowing that we have set a number of significant steps towards achieving the goals of this project.

Community support is one of our greatest strengths and I really appreciate the ongoing support from each and everyone of you! Alongside a supportive community, we have a motivated and passionate team. This motivation and passion enables us to continue developing one of the best platforms of our time. We have an exciting year ahead of us in which we will continue to accomplish important milestones in our journey of developing the Universa platform.

There is so much to look forward to, so keep an eye on our Telegram Announcement channel, Facebook Page, Twitter, and Medium Posts for further exciting news and announcements to come in 2018.

Here is a summary of the latest achievements and news:

Let’s kick off with the achievements of last week:

-Universa Blockchain has won the prestigious Blockchain Startup 2017 award in Russia.

-Universa already has 700,000 users and these numbers are growing every day.

-A new article about the cryptorouble is out now by the RACIB (Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Blockchain) (in Russian, sorry)

Universa has won Blockchain Startup 2017 award

Business development

Last week I spent 3/5 working days in Russia, so we got a lot of local news —

- I have negotiated the integration of a system a-la Ripple, based on the Universa Blockchain, with Alfa Bank (one of the biggest Russian private banks).

- I negotiated an integration with the crypto-exchange Voshkod with RTS (

- I held a meeting with the government of the Samara region about introducing Blockchain into public services (colored coins — control of the state budget spending, registration of contracts and transactions).

- We continue our work with the Russian Association of Crypto Currency and Blockchain on the creation of a cryptorouble -

We have assembled a team of business developers whose task is to create a pipeline of 10+ projects for integration with Universa in January-February and bring these projects to a successful release.

The Universa Asia Team held a roadshow in China in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Huchzhou and Changxing. During the visit, negotiations were held and presentations anout the Universa platform were given in the technology parks Zhongguancun, Fengtai (Beijing), the city of Xianghe Robotics and the Changxing industrial zone, University of Shanghai. During the talks, the parties agreed to expand the presence of the Universa Blockchain protocol in two provinces of China and the cities of Beijing and Shanghai in order to create a Blockchain Association and a Blockchain Academy for training the elite business workers of China.

As a result of successful negotiations, an agreement on cooperation and integration with Beijin Kuyshu Quantum Technologies Co was signed. It allows Universa to open an office in any of the three technoparks in Beijing, with support of the state-owned Techcode.

Furthermore, an agreement is being prepared to implement the Universa Blockchain in SmartCity in conjunction with the Greenland Group.

An agreement was reached on establishing a teaching structure for the Universa Blockchain at the Shanghai Institute of Economic Development.

Support // Missed Token

Almost all transactions have been recovered. People who purchased their tokens through KickICO but forgot to create an account with us at will receive a letter this week. Later, all users will receive an email concerning the mechanism which will allow them to start transferring tokens to their personal ERC20 wallet.

SmartContract // Token Distribution

The tests for the withdraw process of the UTN-P ERC-20 tokens are being finalized and the withdraw will be ready within days.

At the moment, we are developing two smart contracts to make the circulating supply of tokens in publicly available both in Ethereum (ERC20) and Universa.Network Blockchains. Our current estimation of the time it will take us to finalize and audit the Ethereum Smart Contract is 7–10 working days. For the Universa Smart Contract UTN.Final the estimation is 10–15 days. We would like to avoid the history of the DAO, that’s why we are so careful with smart contracts. I Hope you understand the importance of this task.

Blockchain Product Development

Universa Blockchain Network // Universa.Network

The release of a new version of the Universa Blockchain (Universa.Network v2.3), which has a built-in mechanism for the synchronization of nodes that were unavailable for a while, has been published on the Testnet. When a significant amount of discrepancies accumulate, an additional component of the node (an inspector) should be used, which would have scanned the ledger and synchronized it with the network consensus. In the rare case where synchronization has not yet passed, the network could mistakenly reject a complex composite contract, and we would have to wait for a resynchronization. The protocols of the new 2.3 version recognize this situation automatically and perform resynchronization during the transaction.

As the increase in the transit time of such a transaction is non-critical, the network restores the integrity of the data on this contract and makes the right decision at once. This is a planned stage of the network development in the transition from simple contracts and changes to complex ones involving a large number of related contract chains.

The next planned stage for the transition to paid services is calculation and control of the contract capacity price (Gas equivalent). Expansion of the network will allow real-time monitoring of the resources spent on verifying the contract and interrupting the verification when the paid-for threshold is exceeded.

An additional level of “smartness” of related contracts has been introduced and implemented. It allows building relationships such as “if a condition has already been fulfilled earlier and is still active” and “if the result of the transaction is a positive one and therefore the condition has been met”. It allows building significantly more complex network-verified rules and restrictions, for example, several contracts, the change in the state of which depends on the acceptance of another contract within a single transaction. You can now use the certificate of acceptance of work and the check for payment for works as independent contracts that refer to each other rather than building one very complex contract. Making the connections between the contracts open, substantially increases the flexibility. For example, you can now set up a “selling” contract that sells something without defining the amount and method of payment, which can later be linked for the purchase using any type of asset — not necessarily a coin — so the currency type does not have to be specified in the original contract. This brings significant simplification to trading, inter-companies document flow etc.

Universa.Payments // the block of cross-chain payments

UniPayments is a service that will be used for the entire integration with other blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum), including one the release and conversion of UTNP / UTN tokens and TU purchases. This is the core of the system, so it is critically important to put extra effort into security and real field-testing procedures. This is the entrance gate for external and partner cryptocurrencies. At the moment UniPayments is able to accept and send currencies for BTC, ETH, ERC20 and is undergoing the load testing and analysis for vulnerabilities to hacking.

UniXchange // token exchange

We have released the first version of the gateway for all exchange operations; for the token conversion from the TokenSale; UTN / UTNP; a means of control over issued UTNs and so on. UniXchange allows us to start the procedure of converting tokens to UTN / UTNP, the completed works allow you to place it in highly protected private equipment sue to rewriting it in a different language using an inconvenient system. Its performance allows avoiding the use of cloud instances for handling large traffic. In addition, the service now corresponds directly with the Universa core libraries, which makes it faster and more reliable.

Mobile wallets


- Basic functionality: key pairs, crypto cloud & messenger, contracts (including template-based), wallets, transactions.

- Still missing a range of important ‘convenience’ features. Beta-testers only.


- Basic functionality: key pairs, authorization & profile, crypto cloud, contracts (including template-based), wallets, transactions.

- Still missing a range of important ‘convenience’ features. Beta-testers only.

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& Happy Holidays!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you happy holidays and a very prosperous new year.

Warm regards,

Alexander Borodich