Participate in Your Country’s Future, Zakir Avezov Says

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan — News Agency. Zarmet International Company intends to bring blockchain and investment to Uzbekistan. How can this be achieved, and what projects will be implemented in the country? CEO Zakir Avezov explains.

Change in the Country

Since Shavkat Mirziyoyev was elected the President of Uzbekistan in autumn 2016, our country saw global transformation for the better, for businesses small and large. Uzbekistan became much more open and attractive for foreign business and investment. The new president means new promise and sense of security.

I personally took part in the presidential election on December 14, 2016 as an observer for UzLiDeP party at a voting station in Tashkent. I saw people coming in at their own accord and voting for Mr. Mirziyoyev as a person who knows the people’s life firsthand. This unity made me happy and gave me hope that they would support their popularly elected president through all his initiatives.

Two years on, I can say with confidence — a lot has been done. Everyone sees more stability and more security for the future. Uzbekistan opens up for all the world. Tourists flock in, and so do major multinational corporations, which see a great future for running and expanding their business here. They are not afraid of investing their capital into many big projects in all areas of business, manufacturing and other sectors of the Uzbek economy.

The Basis for Development

Zarmet has been operating in the international market since 2004. Over this time, we have established cooperation with many countries and companies. Today all our partners realize Uzbekistan has become a highly attractive market as the most populated Central Asian country with a land rich in nearly the entire periodic table.

Today we are working with such major companies as Gazprom Automation, for which I am the authorized representative in Uzbekistan; Renaissance Heavy Industries holding, Universa Blockchain. We also represent such companies as UAB Agrobosas, which owns the sea port in Riga, Latvia; Colosseo, Slovakia; ONHP, First Mining-Metallurgy Institute, Globotech (all from Russia) and many others.

We are currently considering a number of joint projects we could implement in Uzbekistan. To do this, we are engaging foreign direct investment by major corporations and companies that are willing to invest in the Uzbek market. Our top priorities are energy and petrochemical projects.

Right now, for example, I am arranging a visit for the representatives of Condor Petroleum Inc., an international petrochemical company from Canada, and meetings with the Uzbek authorities. The company intends to invest into oil-and-gas and mining industries in Uzbekistan, particularly into the exploration of gas, gold and other mineral deposits in Uzbekistan.


Going Digital

In addition to that, we also focus heavily on the projects and innovations in the area of digital and information technology, as we realize the importance of keeping pace with the progress.

On December 6, 2018, ONHP management invited me to Omsk, to attend the International Science and Technical Conference dedicated to digital transformation and innovative development. The event was attended by many big companies specializing in these topics.

Recently we had a four-sided meeting in Uzbekistan between ONHP, Sinopec Engineering Group, Marubeni Corporation and UzKimyoSanoat. The meeting was dedicated to engaging direct investment into gas and chemical industries in Uzbekistan. We all hope this project will be implemented as a result of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Artificial intelligence is another highly promoted issue these days. A country that will successfully develop AI and implement it into key areas of its economic, political and social life will be the leader. These days even people remotely familiar with programming and information technology are proficient PC and smartphone users.

Uniting most of these users virtually and establishing a single control center would create some sort of artificial intelligence. And grouping these users by interest would create specialized AI that would work similar to a ministry or a large corporation.

Another direction we are working in is smart cities and blockchain technologies. To do this, we have partnered with Universa Blockchain, a technology company with extensive experience in many different countries. UNI HUB Special Economic Zone will provide highly attractive operating conditions for innovative Industry 4.0 companies from all over the world.

As I said in an interview several years ago, we have very ambitious plans and we are trying to implement them as best as we can. I hope this will work out; some progress is already visible. The most important thing is to choose the right path, find competent team and consider all the nuances of business and geopolitics — these are equally important today.

To be successful in the domestic and foreign market, we need to stay in motion, to keep growing, to watch the latest trends, invite investment and new technologies. I am glad to be able to do something for my motherland, Uzbekistan, by inviting big companies with direct investment and interesting projects.