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The main news for the last two weeks

Hello my friends, sorry for the delay, I’ve been a little sick. :(

April 12Universa MainNet launch


- the first smart contract in the Universa Blockchain public network — https://bit.ly/2HwuiWm

April 16 — published a detailed plan for the next 100 days


April 19 UnicornGo launch


April 18–20 — Tunisia

- Tunisia (Bizerte Smart City) — https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156135364472527&set=a.10150473839977527.416129.586032526&type=3

- Tunisia Telecom, Banque Centrale and Bizerte Smart City — https://www.facebook.com/borodich/posts/10156136155367527


- Universa is hiring Scala developer — https://www.facebook.com/Universablockchain/posts/164698577532259

What does our ecosystem get with the launch of Universa public blockchain?

First, it’s an opportunity to issue any tokens, for example:

- Launch of a smart loyalty system for small and medium business, where tokens can be easily used in transactions, accepted as payment, easily sent to a friend just by choosing a nick/address in the chat. Buy five cups of coffee and get one free; collect 35 stickers and collect a prize at the store — all these use cases can easily be addressed using tokens issued on the Universa platform.

- Converting in-game currencies to smart token format will finally address the issue for gamers who play to win collectible items for resale, or those who would like to safely purchase an in-game item or exchange currencies between different games.

- While moving public elections to the blockchain may be more of a tomorrow’s idea, doing the same to a corporate Board of Directors voting or The Voice viewer voting is the perfect application for public blockchain.

(if you are a team developing something of a kind right now but with different technology, or ready to develop any of the services described above with Universa — please contact me! 😃 )

These are the nearest-future applications for smart tokens issued on Universa Blockchain platform, which do not require crypto exchange functionality for trading tokens. Instant transactions from anywhere on the planet and low cost, in our opinion, will be the key factors for moving some smart contracts to the Universa Blockchain.

In the next few iterations, we will start working on example Smart Apps; to demonstrate the possibilities of asset tokenization technology, we will be launching Instant SWAP between Bitcoin/Ethereum and Universa network.

UltraBTC (UltraETH) — super hyper uber Bitcoin and Ethereum by Universa

UltraBTC(UltraETH) is a token in the Universa public network, which allows delivering value in BTC(ETH) — not in a slow and expensive manner that is so common of Bitcoin(Ethereum) networks, but instantly and almost for free (1U).

0.02 ultraETH received from Sergey

In this case, Universa public network operates as a secure escrow agent, enabling an exchange of any digital asset to another. Right now you can exchange any smart contract or token at the Universa MainNet to UltraBTC/UltraETH.

And vice versa, you can easily reward your contractors or pay for any services using UltraBTC, as the recipient will instantly see ultra-tokens arriving to their address.

In the next iterations, we will add the possibility of exchanging any tokens and contracts via Universa decentralized escrow contracts.

If you feel like rewarding our team with a pizza or a tasty coffee, you can try sending UltraBTC/UltraETH to our nick: @Universa

Business Development

In Tunisia, I attended SmartCity Bizerte conference with a presentation on how Universa Blockchain can help building a smart city and become a basic infrastructure for IoT/mesh interaction between smart machines, robots and applications.

In a separate panel discussion, Carlos Moreno and I talked about Blockchain and Big Data making cities smarter, greener and happier.

After that, we had very productive negotiations with the management of Tunisie Telecom and the Central Bank of Tunisia.

We agreed to continue discussions during the Africa Blockchain Summit on May 14


The nearest events and meet-ups

May 8 — BO2O Blockchain Summit (Keynote Speaker)

May 10 — YPO Keynote Speaker

May 14 — Africa Blockchain Summit Tunis


Node and Network

  • Developed a system for adding functionality to the node in the form of a special smart contract (NC), which in fact implements a network plugin. The plugin architecture allows development of extension modules that are enabled or disabled in a specific network by simply approving a special contract, and can present extended interfaces for network users.
  • Local storage for NC-based contracts.
  • Expanded NC-based contract verification procedure.
  • Synchronization of NC distributed state
  • Developed a mechanism for receiving additional U payment (services) by approving revision of a service contract
  • Added a mechanism to return additional information from an NC contract when creating a new revision
  • An NC contract can additionally manage permissions for creating a revision.
  • Developed a mechanism to store revisions on the network.
  • Implemented the concept of a smart contract managing network services (available via plugin).


  • Developed an architecture using a special plugin-based smart contract (SLOT1)
  • A service for storing contract revisions in a distributed ledger using paid subscription model.
  • The possibility to pay in U using paying parcel in a single transaction.
  • An opportunity to extend the duration and change storage terms simply by registering a new revision of the slot contract
  • Code in smart branch has been uploaded to github and is currently being tested in the private network.

Web-client 2.0

  • Contracts and keys stored in the cloud
  • Nickname registration, adding contracts
  • Buying U
  • API for paid transactions on the network
  • Universal contract format:
  • Form structure
  • Data handling
  • Form validation

Web-client 1.*

  • Buying UltraETH/UltraBTC hypertokens
  • Showing token ID in wallets/contracts (start of UNS support)
  • Improved contract import and export


  • HyperToken smart contract
  • Hypertokens can be used for payments in Universa: if they are denominated in the same external currency, they can be freely combined and swapped around, regardless of the issue.
  • Released an API for buying hypertokens (currently in beta).
  • Created a unified mechanism for selling an arbitrary type of smart contracts for external resources (BTC, ETH, ERC20 supported for now). U hypertokens are sold using this mechanism.
  • Added automatic processing of “frozen” external payments and unreleased products.
  • Created a service for exchanging information between single-page applications.
  • Created a special API for querying the status of the network and individual documents faster.
  • Launched a prototype private cloud for storing and executing URS contracts.
  • Started further development of the web3j library for working with Ethereum-like networks, as the current version is not really usable in real life and not supported.


  • Developed LockChain technology, which enables offline devices to not only check network status but also perform all other client functions over a shared connection via Universa client.
  • A practical application of this would be heat meters installed on individual heaters (which are popular in Italy), which get activated when a utilities company worker passes down the stairs nearby, carrying a wireless access unit. If these had LockChain enabled, the meters would be able to update their readings on the Universa network, improving users’ trust in the system.
  • Another example is a piece of monitoring equipment in an area without network infrastructure, which updates its status in the Universa network whenever a network operator arrives (or a retransmission drone flies by), without the need for an intermediate agent.

We are always happy to answer your questions in the Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) and t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the news in t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu(RU).

Sincerely your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich



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