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Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) and Universa Hub Africa Sign Strategic Partnership for National Blockchain

(Tunis, Tunisia — July 17, 2020)

On July 7 2020, during the presentation of partnership results by ATI and Universa Hub Africa, held as a live public video broadcast by the top-level representatives of the parties, the launch of global Tunisian national blockchain network was publicly announced. The documents were signed using the blockchain-based MyDocuments.tn service.
In the process of formally confirming the launch during the live video stream (available at https://lnd.im/2020TunisianNationalBlockchainLaunch), and demonstrating the public availability, the official representatives (Moez Maaref, PDG of ATI; Omar Bouattay, head of Universa Hub Africa; and Alexander Borodich, Universa Blockchain CEO), have signed the Public Private Partnership (PPP) using one of the just launched blockchain-based services, MyDocuments.tn e-sig certified service, deployed in Tunisia and now available to more than 11M of regular Tunisian citizens to sign their papers officially.

Speaking at the ATI Meetup, CEO of Universa Blockchain Alexander Borodich stated:
“Any developers, startups, entrepreneurs will be able to create any kind of blockchain-solutions: digital ID, smart contracts for loans, insurance, supply chain management, quality label compliance”.

The national Tunisian blockchain network is based on latest Universa Blockchain technology developments, and is available to the general public in Tunisia, for end-user usage as well as for future integration with more and more government operations and business processes. The future planned developments are directed at Smart Cities, e-gov and citizen-oriented solutions. The next milestones in deployment and launch are to be national DNS over blockchain (with decentralized censorship-resistant domains), decentralized ID system, Blockchain Web services and some others, roughly expected around September 2020 — January 2021 period.
This effectively makes Tunisia one of the first countries with national blockchain, specifying a new definition of totally decentralized Internet, and opening new opportunities in supporting e-gov and private services never possible before.

Earlier in 2018, the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) signed a 10-year renewable strategic partnership with Universa Hub Africa to provide hosting services for the platform and facilitate its further development.
ATI (short for Agence tunisienne d’Internet), or the Tunisian Internet Agency, is the principal Tunisian ISP created on 12 March 1996, and run by the Ministry of Communications. It has an equal mission to promote Internet usage in Tunisia.

Universa Hub Africa is the Tunisian based service provider for Universa Blockchain technologies, products, services and licenses, actively promoting and establishing the blockchain technology usage in the African Region.

Universa Blockchain is the multi-national company delivering the blockchain and decentralized security technologies all over the world. Launched in 2017 and running the public Mainnet since April 12, 2018, it uses the Ricardian self-enforcing smart contracts methodology to less-intrusive blockchain integration with existing business processes, and provides a great portfolio of blockchain-based technologies, including UDC (platform to launch CBDC), Ubots (decentralized application platform with flexibility between sharding and decentralization and oracle-ready dApps written on regular JavaScript), U8 (modern asynchronous and high-performance JavaScript/ECMAScript runtime based on V8 engine), Parsec (Internet security layer replacing both SSL/TLS and domain registrars/ICANN with the common blockchain-maintained data storage, making both the domains and certificates control censorship-resistant and decentralized) and others.

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Smart Cities: https://universablockchain.com/files/smartcity.pdf
Developer Central: https://kb.universablockchain.com/software_developer_central/32
Universa First Steps: https://universablockchain.com/files/faq.pdf



Universa Blockchain - simple, fast and reliable blockchain protocol for business and apps. The Token Sale has succeffully finished on 08/12. Stay tuned for the updates!

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