Universa and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug signed a technology partnership agreement

Roman Genkel (General Director Ugra Development Foundation) and Alexander Borodich (CEO Universa)

7 June, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Territory of Innovations platform — Universa and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug signed a technology partnership agreement for launching future-oriented projects in the region, aimed at implementing the Digital Economy program and creating a pilot area for intellectual digital technologies and services, integrating digital technologies in the government operational practices, and usage of domestic information and communication technologies by the Russian authorities to meet the strategic goals determined by the President’s Decree №204 of 07 May 2018 “On National Goals and Strategic Development Objectives of the Russian Federation for the Period of up to 2024”. The agreement was signed by Alexander Borodich, CEO Universa, and Roman Genkel, General Director Ugra Development Foundation.

Universa will provide its blockchain platform to implement investment project management service. This will help establish complete control over the spending of budget funds. Tagging the money using distributed ledger technology will protect government grants and investments against misuse. The platform will instantly track current spending and balance of funds under the project and generate automatic reports, ensuring investment transparency, which will make the region more attractive for investors.

A multi-language communication platform will also be developed, which will combine all players in the tourism market into a single digital ecosystem: suppliers of tourist products and services (regional, nationwide providers, and importers), transportation companies delivering the tourists, accommodation and catering facilities, small and medium enterprises providing services in adjacent areas, investors, business support foundations, and finally tourists heading for their vacations in the region. The platform is aimed at designing and promoting tourist routes, hospitality and tourism facility in the region, monitoring the activities of tourist companies and accumulating a “pool of data” that will help identify problem spots and ways to expand tourist flows.