UTN, Africa and Middle East

The last two weeks were very intense — not just because it is time to distribute UTN at last, but because we already have multiple cases of Universa Blockchain deployment, which are expected to finally boost our performance figures :)

We will write a separate big post with instructions and first options for applying our blockchain this Saturday. For now, here are our achievements of the two weeks starting June 17.

Moscow // Business Development

In Moscow we continue working on the pipeline of our current projects, gradually completing the contract finalization phase, which will allow us to publicly announce what we have done so far.

For now here is a list of cases still in the works

  • Blockchain as a Service for a telecom operator
  • Decentralized production using blockchain technology
  • Currency sales and purchasing using distributed ledgers technology
  • Land register management automation, transparent tenders for real estate and non-permanent retail facilities, digitization of infrastructure networks
  • Electronic medical records
  • Organizing a transparent system for electric energy metering
  • Creating a platform for socially active population, efficient interaction between representatives at various levels of administration
  • Creating a “technical vehicle passport” for a logistics company

If you know someone in need of these or similar cases, please let us know.

Innoprom in Ural Area — Ekaterinburg

We are working very closely on preparing a big event. We will have a big stand and a presentation at Innoprom international retail exhibition — http://www.innoprom.com, July 9–12 in Ekaterinburg, where we will present our cases. If you happen to live in Ekaterinburg, we will be happy to meet you over a coffee.

New month — new region, Kenya.

This time our most active token holders invited us to pay an official visit to Kenya. We held a first round of negotiations there and agreed on another visit for a closer discussion. We also talked to Kenya Bankers Association and local bank representatives (I&M Bank). We are preparing proposals on implementing blockchain with everyone we’ve met during the trip. When we are back to Nairobi in early August, I think we will open a local office to expand our presence in Eastern Africa.

I&M Bank would like to evaluate our ability to deliver blockchain solutions

International Arab Banking Summit

Speaking to such a high-level panel of Arab banks and Central Banks was quite a challenging task, as not everyone in the audience had a general understanding of what blockchain is and why this is a technology that can change the world. As a result, when the presentation was over, we had a very vivid discussion of the future of financial services, which resulted in more foreign trips scheduled for late summer and early autumn, where regulators or Central Banks invited us to discuss digitization opportunities for their existing financial structures. This was a very fortunate event for us. Our first visit to Bahrain will take place in July. Then it will be Oman, Lebanon and Jordan.

Office days

It is hard to write something exciting about these. Sometimes you just have to get down to work :)

A current picture from our office in Moscow
A coffee break in Vilnius

Other news

Work continues now on further structuring of the company and the foundation. We are really strive to meet the 100 days timeline. But there will be no pictures about that :) Flights, lawyers, paperwork. Nothing interesting.

#Universa // Development


  • Reworked the approach to extensions
  • Corrected error reporting
  • Output support for split-off
  • sign command
  • probe-file command
  • Bug fixes


  • preliminary reference parsing (optimization);
  • Date clustering on resync (reviewing date on nodes that missed voting on a contract)
  • “revoke” permission no longer needed for split-join
  • a critical error corrected in resync
  • a prospective vulnerability corrected in split/join
  • UDP refactoring
  • Fixed incorrect ConcurrentHashMap handling code
  • Added overflow protection on send
  • In some places, the data was packed with Binder, which increased network packet size. E.g., crc32 was encapsulated in key-value — changed to simply adding 4 bytes
  • Removed block split/join code for big data, as it is no longer needed for notifications
  • Overall UDP adapter performance in synthetic tests increased six-fold

WebClient 2.0

  • split/join for coins
  • Extra helpers for Order
  • Support for V1 profiles, saving and sending
  • Contacts (no V1 support for now)
  • Notary template
  • Improved web workers operation
  • Bilateral JSON-RPC 2.0 between the main process and workers
  • testing API for workers
  • logging API for workers
  • localStore API for workers
  • Added a possibility to save files as an archive in the cloud
  • Added a possibility for orders to be executed in different services
  • Purchasing transaction bundles (at registration)
  • Profile management: nicknames and password
  • Saving contracts to storage and retrieving for display

WebClient 1.*

  • An opportunity to download the entire transaction pack or just a specific contract
  • Receiving UTN without the need for authorization
  • Checking for cancelled orders on application load
  • Drag-and-drop for files with transaction pack
  • Receiving UTN now works


  • Created a fully functional storage for ContractChain (CC)
  • CC integrated with universaexplorer.com — shows saved contracts
  • Created a transaction model for guaranteed revision storage on failures
  • Shared contract payment mechanisms in CC
  • Uploading contracts via the administrative dashboard
  • Created UTN root contract
  • Created UTN payment system from TGE orders
  • The entire payment chain from the root is stored in CC
  • Password recovery interface

Stay tuned!

We are always happy to answer your questions in the Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) and t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the news in t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu(RU).

Sincerely yours, Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich