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UTN Smart Contract, Khanty-Mansiysk // North Dubai

  • Took part in a conference and delivered a presentation on using Universa Blockchain for charity foundations and non-profits (Session titled “Innovations and Technologies for the Children of Russia”)
  • Discussed the opportunities of implementing blockchain technology in “Northern Dubai” — that’s what they call Khanty-Mansiysk here — with the regional administration (Deputy Governor Alexey Zabozlaev)
  • Read a lecture on how blockchain will change the professions of the future for schoolchildren and students from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

Night flights are our everything

We flew back late at night and jumped straight into action 😃

We met representatives of several Arab banks, formulated the prospects and options of cooperation. Agreed to do a presentation at a specialized banking forum in Paris in late June.

Met Sergey Bezdelov and ANO “Digital Economy Projects Rating Agency (http://reurating.ru). Discussed the prospects for cooperation and Universa Blockchain participation in the Agency work.

Met Dennis Bucko, head of AMBD.io (http://ambd.io), discussed the future of the ICO market and ways Universa, as a blockchain technology provider, can support projects approaching ICO

Had a reception with the Swedish Ambassador, celebrating the 10th anniversary of our MBA group graduating from the Stockholm School of Economics. I shared the Universa success with my classmates; we will be making friends with their projects.

Negotiated with the systems integrator Asseco Group (https://asseco.com) regarding cooperation on Universa Blockchain implementation projects in the banking and insurance sectors in the Euroepan countries.

Had negotiations with the management of TechGarden Kazakhstan (https://techgarden.kz), agreed on joint project work in the area of blockchain.


ING Bank + Universa Blockchain = Secure Blockchain Solutions for bank

The visit to Amsterdam opened with a meeting with ING Bank (https://www.ing.com/Home.htm). We talked about the possibility of the bank implementing projects using the Universa Blockchain. I will be glad if such a reputable bank will eventually choose our technology. Let’s keep our fingers crossed 😉

EY building in Amsterdam

Next we headed for a meeting with EY (http://ey.com), where we also discussed the prospects of future cooperation. Ideally, EY should be able to describe a case for the customer, with a little help from our side, and the systems integrator would implement it — again, with our help. This way, we can complete many more projects than we would be able to do on our own. This way we are taking up market share in Europe, Asia and Africa.

And finally, after these important and highly relevant meetings, we had the first official meetup for our Dutch community since the Token Sale moment.

At the meetup I described our latest achievements, described the strategy for entering new markets, and explained why Universa will continue growing and developing under any circumstances. 😃

Night flight to Moscow.

In the morning, following a short break, I headed to Skolkovo to meet GazPromNeft representatives and discuss the prospects for tokenization of their current business.

Along the way, I met Yury Mitin and promised him to talk about Universa Blockchain case at the conference in Skolkovo, from the first concept of the project to present day.

After the meeting, I rushed back to Moscow to meet some prospective investors to Universa and discuss the format, size and guarantees of the prospective investment.

Next morning we had journalists filming a story in our office, while I hurried up to meet a large fund manager eager to invest in Universa Blockchain-based projects. We talked about the best financial arrangement to structure the process.

Met the team, interviewed new team members and had lots of other boring work stuff. 😃

Had an important meeting with the management of a company in the aviation industry. Now we will painstakingly prepare the paperwork and announce another joint project.

I attended a blockchain conference in Skolkovo, outlining the history of our project, all its challenges and stumbling blocks and the capacity of the market in general, our niche in particular and our specific positioning ideology as a solution without mining and without tying the transaction cost to a cryptocurrency. I think the conference will result in a couple of Universa-based project implementations 😃 The lecture was a time well spent.

Finally, a very critical presentation at the Skolkovo Corporate University, where I would be speaking right after Kjell Nordström (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kjell_A._Nordström) and Herman Gref (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herman_Gref). It was a challenging moment, but I was told the audience was satisfied. We discussed some future trends and how the cities, moneys and relations we got so used to will change with the advent of new decentralized technologies. When decisions are made not by corporations but by billions of uBots — software robots (smart contracts) spread throughout the network, including Universa-based smart distributed contracts.



  • Implemented safe file handling mode, which prevents overwriting file contents
  • Added revisions
  • Fixed wallet aggregation
  • Added split/join, with full support
  • Fixed and updated — import (revision-of), — pack-with (add-referenced)
  • Improved network operations, with more complete contract data output

Java API/developers support

  • Javadoc: documented an important code part that is vital for customer applications
  • Knowledge Base — substantially expanded the developers’ section: https://kb.universa.io/software_developer_central/32
  • Code samples: ContractService class
  • Added search within documentation
  • For documentation: added the possibility of splitting sections between pages (structured editing tools)
  • Universal Scala API early preview ready
  • Universal API is meant to be same in JMV/Scala.js platforms to provide high degree of scala code interoperability between end user UX applications (browser) and server applications (JVM)


  • Network upgraded to v.3.4.14
  • Arbitrary attributes in transactional section
  • References to transactional attributes (e.g. special purpose payments amd many other interesting applications)
  • UNS1 contract fixed
  • Fixed several problems with permission conflicts.

JavaScript/ScalaJS API

  • JS API Alfa is published (as compiled JSON) and available, preparing yarn dependecy support
  • Scala.js API alfa early preview ready

WebClient 2.0

  • Started closed beta test, most functionality now works with it

WebClient 1.*

UTN Smart Contract

Finally, icing on the cake — you must have read the news about UTN Smart Contract already. (https://medium.com/universablockchain/important-update-on-the-utn-smart-contract-token-distribution-and-future-swapping-of-tokens-dd3a1f4bb8df)

Meet the smart contract that will store our UTN: http://lnd.im/utn

A transcript of the creation of UTN — Universa Token on the Universa Explorer

If you are really curious to see the source code, you can download the binary file of the contract right from the explorer, and generate the source code yourself! In order to do that, you should do the following:

• Get the Uniclient from https://lnd.im/uniclient; see the manual at https://kb.universa.io/uniclient_user_manual/4;

• Having downloaded the contract into a file like “UTN - Universa Token.unicon” from the URL to the Universa Explorer above, call the following command: ./uniclient --export UTN\ -\ Universa\ Token.unicon --as yaml(Unix/macOS/Linux) or uniclient.bat --export UTN\ -\ Universa\ Token.unicon --as yaml (Windows).

Voila, you now have the “UTN - Universa Token.yaml” file, and you can now examine its structure! (Pro hint: look at the https://kb.universa.io/uniclient_user_manual/4#export-a-contract-to-xml-json-or-yaml section and learn how to view it in other formats as this may be more convenient to you).

Next to “Unixchange private cloud.” you can click “(download)” to obtain the UTN Smart Contract in its binary form

Stay tuned!

We are always happy to answer your questions in the Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) and t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the news in t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu(RU).

Sincerely yours, Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich



Universa Blockchain - simple, fast and reliable blockchain protocol for business and apps. The Token Sale has succeffully finished on 08/12. Stay tuned for the updates!

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