Week 11 // HODL Universa

Mar 1, 2018 · 4 min read

March 01, 2018

Hello everyone!

Week 11 leads us to the major milestone — March begins, and that means that during the following 4–6 weeks we’ll get a lot of technological releases.

Unfortunately, I was temporary left without my phone, so there are almost no photos in this update.

#Universa.com // we support .com generation

Congratulate us, now universa.com is Universa too. Internet generation is more comfortable when the company’s website name ends with .com, and not .io or .co.

#Business Development // South East Asia

So, the week started from Malaysia where on last Thursday has taken place the signing of Agreement between Universa Blockchain, the biggest cooperatives organization Angkasa Coop, ASN Networks with the participation of Minister for Trading of Malaysia — Dato’ Seri Hamzah bin Zainudin.

Universa Blockchain together with ASN Networks and Angkasa Coop will implement a system for allocation and control of social benefits for the first 4,000,000 people, which will not only prevent spending funds on alcohol and cigarettes, but also will allow to control every illegitimate spending of funds usage thanks to blockchain. We expect that the solution — Smart Money by Universa — will be in high-demand no only in Malaysia, but also in other countries (Indonesia and Philippines).

As the result of negotiations it was agreed to establish Smart Money into a separate type of tokenization service based on Universa Blockchain. Relevant goals and tasks were added into technical roadmap and business development plan. In April at 1st National Blockchain Workshop in Turkey (2–3 April) we’ll officially present Smart Money by Universa Blockchain. If you live in Ankara, or you will be there on these days, I will be happy to meet you, discuss current plans at the conference and answer your questions.

This week we started preparations for high-level talks in Indonesia and Philippines. I think some interesting news are waiting for us in the middle of March.

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we’ve hold two short but effective meetups with domestic UTN holders, and agreed on establishment and development of Universa Spain. Thanks for the warm welcome!

In Barcelona we continued negotiations with EY Russia; we’ll meet in April with EY Global with a view to become strategic partners in blockchain solutions promotion among EY clients.

I’ve addressed the session about digital transformation together with the Head for Google Russia, China Mobile Russia, EY and Tele2, where I shared my vision of moving to tokenomics and blockchain in the coming years.


We would like to present the first working prototype of our wallet Universa HODL. It is a hardware wallet for your crypto-currency assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Universa and ERC20 compatible tokens, based on advanced safety features for storing cryptographic assets and securing digital payments. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth (no wires needed) and embeds a secure OLED display to double-check and confirm each transaction visually with a single tap.

Universa HODL extremely convenient both for everyday use or long-term cold storage.

The device was presented at Mobile World Congress 2018 on 27 February. Pre-order is open on ICOBacker.com

#Why HODL Universa?

We are asked why would Universa create a cryptowallet. We are confident that any project is interested in token holders having a practical tools for tokens storage. Both software (web/iOs/Android) and highly protected “cold” wallets, so the owner to be sure, his UTN(P) tokens are totally safe. The goal of the project HODL Universa was to create safe, handy and stylish cryptowallet for your token holders. We are sure, that our wallet paves a way for mass audience to Universa.


  • Significant optimization of parallelism and performance of the main net.
  • Undertook prospective analyses of potential treats and came up with measures to enhance security.
  • A new release of Universa network 1.3.0; released a source code of the new node and new uniclient; all the sources are published on github
  • The first external node was added to the network; the smart-contract for managing of new nodes addition is being prepared.
  • Initiated the merge of the testnet and the mainnet so they can work on the shared set of smart-contracts.
  • Uniclient now works on Windows without installing any additional systems other than JRE 1.8. And meanwhile recommended to comply with improved security measures, because Windows does not support POSIX file permissions attributes, and the permissions management is user’s responsibility.
  • Uniclient now can handle pay transactions with UTNP (see documentation).

#Universa network 1.3.0

Major network change: transition to the three-tiered hashID for contracts with the use of three completely different hashes: SHA2, SHA3 and Streebog.


http://rc.moscow/program — Blockchain Congress in Moscow, 27 March, keynote speaker

http://bilgem.tubitak.gov.tr/en/haber/1st-national-blockchain-workshop-2018–1st National Blockchain Workshop, 2–3 April, Ankara, keynote speaker



We are always happy to answer your questions in the Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) and t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the news in t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu (RU).

Sincerely your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich


Universa Blockchain - simple, fast and reliable blockchain…


Universa Blockchain - simple, fast and reliable blockchain protocol for business and apps. The Token Sale has succeffully finished on 08/12. Stay tuned for the updates!


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Universa Blockchain - simple, fast and reliable blockchain protocol for business and apps. The Token Sale has succeffully finished on 08/12. Stay tuned for the updates!