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Week 12, or 3 months of work

12 weeks, or 84 days of our life…

Time to draw the first conclusions…

84 days is not too much, after you subtract Christmas, New Year vacations and weekends. Nevertheless, I think we have been moving fast, both in terms of software development and business development. Just look at the list below and enjoy it with us.

Brief summary:

Let’s start with the achievements of the last three months, starting December 8

Official awards

  • Universa Blockchain won the prestigious Blockchain Startup 2017 Award in Russia
  • Universa has taken the first place at IX Worldwide IR Case Competition held by ARFI

We have agreements on implementation / partnership with the following companies:

The first projects to be using Universa Blockchain are already going through Token Sale process

We are launching a global education project as part of the Blockchain Academy by Universa initiative

Asian Blockchain Center of Excellence in Malacca (Malaysia)

We have taken part in the following conferences:

  • Davos // World Economic Forum
  • Sochi// RIF
  • Astana// Cryptania
  • Thailand// CryptoCruisse
  • Malaysia// Urban Forum
  • Barcelona // Mobile World Congress

Universa BizDev Team started working with several regions at once

  • China (Beijing, Shanghai, Huchzhou, Changxing) // First agreement signed
  • Malaysia // Contract for implementation in place
  • Indonesia// Top-level negotiations in progress
  • Philippines // Top-level negotiations in progress
  • Kazakhstan// Top-level negotiations in progress
  • Belarus// Top-level negotiations in progress
  • Tunisia // Started negotiations, ЕТА April
  • Spain// Started negotiations, ЕТА April

We’ve made use of guerrilla marketing

In media



Is this a lot of results for three months of work or not? I think it’s a lot. The biggest thing, of course, is Alfa-bank’s external testing, which has proven that the 20,000 transactions per second we declared are indeed feasible. It is also the Malaysian contract and the smart money we have been developing on the blockchain. It is also the IOB partnership with the aim of developing a new-generation global financial blockchain standard based on Universa Blockchain technology. It is the coordinated work of our development team, that has been generating new releases of the blockchaing protocol and smart contracts platform every two weeks. Thanks to all these factors, it is safe to consider Universa one of the fastest blockchains out there, and its team one of the fastest in promoting and developing the project. Thanks everyone for caring, as without your help and constant support it would be much harder for us to achieve these remarkable results in such a short time.

Fresh from the mint

I gave a big interview to RTVI on blockchain — https://www.rtvi.com/broadcast/10486-chto-takoe-blokcheyn_-interv'yu-venchurnogo-investora-aleksandra-borodicha

We prepared and made the first original program on blockchains in Russia for RBC-TV; check your schedules sometime next week.

Cryptonomics and Blockchain TV Show by Borodich

#Universa.Blockchain Development

A very important update has been rolled out for Universa Blockchain. Now you can buy transactions in Universa MainNet with UTNP as you register and get a lot of transactions for testing. One UTNP currently buys four transactions in Universa MainNet (http://access.universa.io)

TestNet and MainNet now share a common data field. This means you can test your contracts referring to actual data on the main network, then easily move them from TestNet to MainNet by paying for the revision. This lets you test contracts and systems in nearly real-life conditions, which is way more convenient than with isolated testing networks (Ethereum/Bitcoin) with completely unrelated data hierarchies.

The possibility to store network configuration on the node has been added.

A contract has been created for dynamically modifying the network configuration. This kind of contract has to be signed by most node keys, and if it is signed and successfully registered, it updates the configuration. This sets the ground for automatic network configuration based on democratic elections.

A new version of Uniclient has been released, which allows registering contracts in MainNet and TestNet.

All these developments have been published and rolled out into github.

General development

Additional vulnerability analysis has been completed, including with quantum threats, and long-term security hardening measures have been defined.

A basic algorithm for Bitcoin-like addresses has been developed and coded, with human-friendly text form, check code and a strong protection against cracking, including quantum-based one.

An architecture has been developed for using addresses instead of anonymous identifiers, which ensures much higher protection against transaction tracking and brute-force attacks.

Transition from anonymous identifiers to addresses has started.

API interfaces have been improved, and about 35% of the API is now documented.

Started working on the issue of providing an RPC server in addition to the Uniclient.


A basic contract trading store has been developed. It is already working, and new products and payment methods are being added.

URS can now create contracts in MainNet.

Two commodity contracts have been created — transaction bundles that are accepted as payment by MainNet and TestNet.

Some of Scala client API has been written for working with the contracts and MainNet. Currently a module within URS, it will soon be isolated to a standalone product — Scala API.

I think you can guess why we are starting the sales of transaction bundles for Universa MainNet.

We are always happy to answer your questions in the Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) and t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the news in t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu (RU).

Sincerely your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich



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Alexander Borodich


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