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Week 15, or 100 days with Token Sale

What can one do in 100 days? And what about one week? Our Telegram chats are once again filled with the voices of those who think we are not moving fast enough. Thank you for your opinion, we do appreciate it, but why don’t you try to do more in the same time? 😃

Next week, we will publish our plans for the next 100 days. In the meantime, here is our humble report of the past 5 (6.5 — overtime detected) working days.


Live on RBC, talking about the Blockchain Congress and the blockchain’s place in the economy


#ToTheMoon #UniversaHero

Let’s start with this funny video about the Hero and Universa, which was shown at the Blockchain Congress.

And continue with a breath-catching story about how Universa is getting closer to the Moon. I mean, literally.

6088 meters above sea level

The story itself is here: http://telegra.ph/Universa-Eshche-nemnogo-blizhe-k-Lune-03-23

Finally, back to business:


This week we met the management of Alrosa and talked about how blockchain technologies can be used to create a digital passport of the diamonds sold by Alrosa.


During the Global Blockchain Summit 2018 in Sochi, we signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai University of Business as part of The Belt and Road Blockchain Cooperation Education Alliance program, under which we will teach blockchain to students in fifty Universities all over mainland China.

Signed a partnership agreement with Hong Kong Blockchain Association to create an innovative technology exchange platform, teach entrepreneurs and launch joint projects in Hong Kong and Shanghai Economic Zone (45 million people).


I appeared at the Global Blockchain Summit 2018 main stage to talk about blockchain and current trends in crypto economy.

After speaking at the Global Blockchain Summit 2018, we organized a press conference to announce the agreements signed with Shanghai University and Hong Kong Blockchain Association. The journalists spent 90 minutes torturing us with tricky yet interesting questions about the peculiarities of regulating crypto economy, the future of blockchain and social ratings.

Also in Sochi, we had a series of very important negotiations with prospective partners from China and Japan. Unfortunately, Yale ReiSoleil from IOB.Fund could not get his visa and we did not meet him at the Summit, but all that means is that now I have to fly to him to China FinTech Expo. 😃

During the working weekend, our team had a field strategy session dedicated to integrating blockchain technology into government projects, and produced a series of services that Universa Blockchain will offer to governments in Ausa and Europe starting this April.

I also attended Russia’s ultimate blockchain event, the Blockchain Congress https://rc.moscow with a presentation of Universa Blockchain for countries. During the event I gave several interviews and conducted meetings with our partners from RACIB (Russian Association for Crypto Currencies and Blockchain). We met with our colleagues from Huobi, who are looking for partners to jointly enter the Russian markets.

I spoke at the main stage of CryptoEvent conference and explained my view of the near future, when blockchain technologies will be integrated into most business processes, in business as well as in the government. I supported UnicornGo.io project, which also took part in the conference, and gave several interviews. Waiting to see them in print. 😃


This week I also went live on RBC-TV to talk about the blockchain congress and the need to introduce laws regulating crypto currencies, tokens and smart contracts.


Articles on partnerships concluded:


Our mentions:





Node and Network

· Have been working to automate node installation and management on random hardware

· Released uniclient 3.3.2: now supports working with references

· Released node version 3.3.2

· Corrected several memory leaks

· Improved peak load handling

· Added smart handling of incomplete operations on unexpected node restart (e.g., hardware failure)

· Optimized and eliminated memory leaks in the Node and UDPAdapter

· Added support for system keys to conduct free registration transactions for service contracts

· Complex references in the contracts: support for nested conditions, support for comparing values of different numeric types in the conditions, support for comparison of the role and address

· Developed an extra set of tests to verify various options of inappropriate and appropriate use of references

· Developed and described Universa Lockchain architecture for use in embedded solutions (locks, turnstiles, switches) that are not connected to the internet, or in devices that require a backup for the Internet access link to improve reliability and add offline operation capability (POS terminals)


· Using new whitelist network mode 3.3.1+ for generating U contracts

· Corrected access issues for the new identification system

· Semi-automatic consolidation of incoming payments (so far tested only with ERC20 but should also work with ETH).

· Found a critical vulnerability in third-party libraries handling Ethereum transactions; the bug has been reported and a workaround is in the works, as our colleagues are not rushing to fix it.

See you next week.

We are always happy to answer your questions in our Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) и t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the project news at t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu (RU).

With best regards, your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich



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