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Week 8 // The calm before the storm

February 07, 2018

Hi everyone

This week we are traveling less and thinking more of future activities, because every busy week of constant negotiations and contracts signing is preceded by agonising weeks of planning, preparation and coordination. Not only conditions require approval, but also meeting dates for contract signing in one city and one country, because of our busy schedules.

Therefore, this week we have been engaged in planning and managed to plan our participation and support to the Investment Forum in Sochi (http://www.rusinvestforum.org/en/). I’m sure you will like what will be announced by our company at this Forum. Here you can find a teaser — http://novotrans.com/?section=news&page=na-rossiyskom-investicionnom-forume-v-sochi-gruppa-kompaniy-novotrans-predstavit-proekt.

We have planned to participate in Barcelona in the Mobile World Congress on February 26–27. If you attend the congress, let me know and we’ll arrange a meet-up for our investors.

Now you can find me on the Board of Directors https://www.iob.vc/team/. Together with Yale Reisoleil we are planning to construct a legal and regulatory infrastructure for blockchain projects.

IOB Board of Directors

We continue working with Malaysia and China to structure the presence of Universa in these countries. We have already opened the Universa company in Belarus we started to work on opening an office for Universa in Kazakhstan.

To see where we are heading, let’s take a step back.


In the nearest future we are planning to complete the structure and open three prospective development areas for Universa Blockchain — For Enterprise, For Government and For Developers.

Infrastructure project initiatives, such as https://blockchain.aero and establishment of private and government currencies based on Universa Blockchain platform are examples of Universa Blockchain for Government development strategy. We are planning to assist with the implementation of several projects in South East Asia, Europe and Latin America in 2018.

For enterprise clients, our development strategy is seen in partnership with Ernst&Young and local systems integrators in each country of presence. We will use their help to implement Universa Blockchain-based projects in major corporations. I hope you will hear at upcoming forums and conferences what companies we are working with to implement blockchain technologies, and then we will replicate these projects in other regions.

To make sure both us and our partners have enough blockchain developers who understand how blockchain works, we are launching Universa Blockchain Academy and a series of hackathons for smart contract developers, just as we planned. The first milestone is to reach 1000 developers in 2018 that can write software for smart programmable robots — Universa Blockchain smart contracts.

This is why we have so many trips, so many negotiations. And so many weeks like this one, completely dedicated to planning and negotiating future deals.

You asked for it — we did it


The community asked us to take part in the Token of the Month vote at Binance exchange. We respect our community, and we are always eager to hear your advice and requests, so we have completed the Binance questionnaire and provided all the information they requested. If all goes well, you will soon be able to vote for Universa on Binance.


Universa T-shirt // Soon in stores

We started designing and manufacturing of the first T-shirts and sweatshirts that you asked for and in a month or so you can buy our T-shirts, sweatshirts and other cool souvenirs from the crypto blockchain world in the online store.

Other useful news

# Universa.io

We have started a full-scale redesign of our website so that it reflects both the strategy and the current status of our work. The results and the first sketches will be published in the next two or three weeks before the release of the new site.

# UniPayments.com

We are launching a project to create a payment system based on Universa (see the line Liquidity ocean in the roadmap). We hope that the first transactions will occur in April. We also believe that the system will be convenient for payments anywhere in the world.


Well, another article with our participation at the cointelegraph — https://cointelegraph.com/news/regulated-government-issued-cryptos-to-challenge-bitcoin-in-2018



  • User API development, optimisation and fixing of payable transactions algorithm.
  • The current version is stable enough; it is published on GitHub, but isn’t deployed yet.


#Access.Universa.io // testnet yet

  • Web wallet UI works have been started
  • Dev site created; deployment; boilerplate for UX part
  • Facades implementation in Scala.js (Boss) started
  • UIKit for the new version has been prepared
  • Fixed the bug with deletion of revoked contracts
  • Fixed the bug with disappearing messages
  • Dialog start UI remastered
  • Added Sentry wrapper (deep UI testing)

#Android Wallet

  • Preparing beta release of Android Wallet
  • Fixed bugs with importing files into the app
  • Solved problems with keys generation of some devices
  • Fixed transactions list processing
  • Fixed possible problems with contract statuses updates
  • Added visual tooltips into the app


  • Debugged and well-covered with tests CurrencyType, Address, Wallet.
  • Started another UTN-P distribution batch // Soon in your ERC20 wallets :)

We are always happy to answer your questions in the Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) and t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the news on t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu (RU).

Sincerely yours Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich




Universa Blockchain - simple, fast and reliable blockchain protocol for business and apps. The Token Sale has succeffully finished on 08/12. Stay tuned for the updates!

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News about Universa Blockchain project (https://universablockchain.com). For any inquiries please contact us at support@universa.co.

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