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Week 9 // Need 25th hour in a day. Pay an arm and a leg!

February 15, 2018

I wanted to write so badly that I finally had a rest but things went differently from what had been planned.

#Exchanges // +400%

As you remember Cobinhood exchange decided to list our token. So now those who wanted to have a secondary token market, can buy and sell our tokens easily.

At the moment the token price on Cobinhood is 5 cents.

#Moscow // Business Development

We hold a meeting with business development team in Moscow, there we set goals for the next quarter for Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Korea, Germany, Russia as the first countries for growth and began formalizing presentations and commercial offers by verticals and company type ranging from the bank, system integrator, and to the state.

The team is going to complete my share of job responsibilities, starting to cover regions independently in the middle of February.

#MTS // Keynote Speaker

I delivered two lectures; the first one was for mts.ru, one of the tree largest telecom operators in Moscow. I spoke about tokenomics, blockchainization and benefits that the transition to a decentralized economy can offer. The last question was “Where can we buy your tokens?” 😃

#Astana // CryptoConference + negotiations

Arriving in Astana at night I quickly took a shower and hurried to the business breakfast organized by our partners, where we discussed use of blockchain in the public sector with representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture. I am not making any forecasts yet, but it is important to realize that the idea of colored coins is being increasingly recognized in the public sector, making budget expenditures more transparent and controlled.

After short negotiations with our partners in Kazakhstan regarding sharing the efforts in a proper way between Astana (state) and Alma-Ata (business), I attended cryptoconference Cryptopia, where I delivered a fiery speech in support of the initiatives presented by the Financial Center of Astana aimed at developing the blockchain points and fintech projects in the region.

I slightly mentored TokenSale projects from Kazakhstan (you’ll see some of them soon on Universa) and flew back to Europe.

And then I faced something I had never planned. Just after the plane landed, I received an urgent invitation to come to Malaysia to participate in the extremely important negotiations.

#Malaysia // Chief Minister + MSC status + ABC of Universa Blockchain

I could hardly come to my senses, repacked the suitcase and flew to Kuala Lumpur via Shanghai.

The negotiations with a representative of a very large fund started on the way from the airport to Malak. We spoke about the possible introduction of a blockchain into the large banks network. The probability of the deal is not clear yet, so I cannot be sure. The only real fact is the three-hour talks on the way to Malaka.

#Malaka Blockchain City @ Malaysia

In Malaka, some important issues were discussed at the highest level with the Chief Minister of Malaka. These issues include the practical opening of the Asian Blockchain Center of Excellence by Universa Blockchain in March, technical negotiations for obtaining MSC status, i.e exemption from taxes for 10 years.

#Urban Forum @ Malaysia

At Urban Forum the delegation from Dubai and I discussed the integration of Universa into the Smart City project. There were planned Bahrain and Morocco negotiations.

#TRX / Other @ Malaysia

We also began negotiations with TRXCity (the project is too exciting to be left out; and we want an office on the 96th floor 😃) and several biggest Malaysian corporations. I guess we’ll see the first press release on February 22, and the second one on February 27. Stay tuned as usual.

After having lunch with the local systems integrator representatives and meeting with two crypto funds , I finally started my trip back home.

It’s a pity when you lose a whole day while flying from Asia to the Northern Europe. Time is a very expensive resource. That is why we continue to develop regional teams.


Starting today, we begin the standard two-week iterations for software development. The plan will be posted next week.


  • UTN/UTNP/BTC/ETH exchange project.
  • Reliability improvement: Chat creation mechanism has been changed.
  • contracts state update, contract duplication, chat status update have been fixed,
  • a couple of embedded helpers for different tasks have been added

Integration with Ethereum/Bitcoin blockchains

  • URS integration with other blockchains has been finished and being tested. As such the next iteration will include new features : UTN/UTNP exchange, ETH/BTC exchange, transaction fees payments.
  • UTNP sendings have been automated.
  • URS dashboard which shows unprocessed orders, transactions and their statuses, and the status of each order have been made.
  • A mechanism for revoking unprocessed UTNP orders has been added.

iOS native client.

  • We are preparing beta release.
  • We offer full support for iOS 11 and iOS 10.
  • Background execution of the embedded web-component has been fixed.
  • A possibility to import pictures from the Gallery (i.e. for Notary contracts) has been added
  • Key pairs workflows have been fixed.
  • native login/registration screens

Universa Network/Node

Node version 2.5 is out! It is already on GitHub. The main difference is in the support for a transaction fee payment by the contract, with an accuracy of a single contract.

We released a highly-optimized enterprise version, which performs more than 30K TPS in the network of 4 nodes, due to disabling some of the security features and payment processing. The version is published on GitHub, but it needs additional testing and debugging.

Fast testnet has been created for AlfaBank. It shows perfectly good performance — up to 18K TPS for intra-bank transactions.

A lot of node components were optimized, reaching 400% speed improvements. Now they are being tested.


You asked… We deliver! Future crypto-blockchain T-shirts and hoodies teaser. Submit your designs in comments.

P.S. Requested by our development team weekly updates will be out on Wednesday evenings, because their development iterations end on Tuesday night.

We are always happy to answer your questions in the Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) and t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the news in t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu(RU).

Sincerely your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich



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