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Weeks 16–17 // Final Countdown

These two weeks were very intense, both in terms of meetings and negotiations and in terms of speeches and interviews. We started working on Spain and Italy as the first regions in South Europe; we also had a presentation in Turkey, high-level negotiations in Kazakhstan, built sales pipeline and prepared plans for the next 100 days. And all this time, we never forgot about developing a fast and convenient blockchain!

Attention! Important update!

Expect important news tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is a debriefing of the most interesting news for of the past two weeks.

A big interview on blockchain was released on Russia 24 channel, “Opinion” program (see link below the picture)

I spoke about blockchain in “Opinion” program on Russia24.

One week — one country?

Agency for Public Service and Combatting Corruption

Universa in Kazakhstan

Universa delegation visited Astana and conducted negotiations with the Head of the Agency for Public Service and Combatting Corruption, Alik Jatkambaevich Shpekbaev. We discussed the possibilities of using blockchain to control and monitor financial transactions and implement measures for combatting corruption. Further, we also talked about the possibility of creating a unified Public Official ID that would help keep a digital track of all educational courses, appointments and feedback of the official’s work.

After that, Universa visited the manager of Zerde national holding, to discuss the demand for blockchain technologies as part of the “Digital Kazakhstan” government initiative.

We are starting work on opening a Universa representative office in Kazakhstan.

Universa in Turkey.

Only two technology blockchains — Universa decentralized blockchain and centralized NEO — were invited to the first National Blockchain Forum in Turkey. The probable reason why we and NEO were invited is that both projects have high throughput, are scalable and can work with smart contracts.

A special part of the presentation was dedicated to Smart.Money technology and its use for transactions between countries and for creating national and supranational cryptocurrencies.

Smart.Money as Service by Universa

After the presentation, we had negotiations with Red Cross and Garanty Bank (BBVA). We have something to offer them. We will build up our presence in the region.

Universa in Russia

At the BlockchainRF-2018 Congress, Russian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain recommended Universa as the preferred technology solution.

A special economic zone, Cryptopark, will be established in Stupino, near Moscow, where crypto and blockchain projects will be developed on the basis of Universa Blockchain. Universa will be used for asset tokenization and as the digital platform for Cryptopark, which will be established in Stupino.

Universa in Press

A new program, titled “Chain Reaction” (weekly updates from the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain) started on RBC TV. The show is hosted by Alexander Borodich. It runs every Friday 7 to 10 am local time. Here are the first snippets:

1. http://tv.rbc.ru/archive/startup/5ac6f8e49a7947c0aff0c011 — from the 17th minute

2. http://tv.rbc.ru/archive/startup/5ac6fef89a7947c0aff0c012 — from the 17th minute

3. http://tv.rbc.ru/archive/startup/5ac705029a7947c0aff0c014 — from the 17th minute

4. http://tv.rbc.ru/archive/startup/5ac70e289a7947c0aff0c015 — from the 20th minute

5. http://tv.rbc.ru/archive/startup/5ac71a529a7947c0aff0c018 — from the 6th minute

6. http://tv.rbc.ru/archive/startup/5ac713409a7947c0aff0c016 — from the 16th minute

My article about investing into cryptocurrencies has been published at Bitcoinist.com

The titles to our great cartoon about the future of the world and the Blockchain Hero have been translated into English.

Now with english subtitles


Nodes and network

  • An additional local area network has been created especially for internal automatic testing, with a separate deployment.
  • Contract network output by ID (testnet/mainnet)

Sample smart contracts have been written for a customer :)

  • Account: an account with currency and blocking status.
  • Asset: a contract with combined numeric field (amount) and currency, related to an Account, with the function for transactions between suitable accounts
  • Account status managed separately from funds management
  • The possibility to have assets in the same account that are managed by different keys
  • If an account is blocked, all related assets are frozen until unblocked at the network level.
  • Corrected collision when working in parallel sessions under stress load.


  • Collecting statistics on payments to calculate node remuneration, network interface
  • Found and corrected vulnerability in payment for transactions
  • Payment information / statistics for a node
  • Tests: new tests, test environment (testing range, a separate network for completing unit tests and experiments)
  • Deployed network version 3.4.2 with the changes mentioned above
  • Released uniclient (CLI tool + Java API) v. 3.4.2 compatible with this network version


  • A mini-application to check and display contract status
  • Editing protection for U-contracts


Ethereum integration:

  • A more reliable support for complex transactions that require sending an advance fee in ETH
  • Improved reliability of outgoing transactions handling: worked around a bug in Java library responsible for Ethereum support that resulted in Transaction ID only being issued once a transaction has been mined, not on creation.
  • Support for EIP155 — transactions explicitly indicate Chain ID (to prevent transaction broadcasting between different Ethereum networks, e.g., between mainnet and rinkeby)


Thank you for reading all the way to the end, and I have a surprise for you. Expect some extraordinary news tomorrow.

Here is a small teaser of the upcoming news…

We are always happy to answer your questions in the Telegram channel — t.me/uplatform (EN) and t.me/universa (RU).

Follow the news in t.me/UniversaNews (EN) and t.me/UniversaNewsRu (RU).

Sincerely your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich



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