Universal Login Beta is Live! Here’s How You Can Apply

Brantly Millegan
Oct 31 · 2 min read
Alex Van de Sande giving an update on Universal Login at Devcon5 in Osaka, Japan.

It was a packed house for co-founder Alex Van de Sande’s Devcon5 presentation on the progress Universal Login has made in the last year. Thanks to everyone who came!

And as promised in the presentation… the Universal Login beta version is now on mainnet. 🥳

This means we are that much closer to your dapp having a vastly improved on-boarding process for users.

As we’ve explained before, Universal Login solves many user on-boarding problems all at once. With Universal Login, there is no download needed, you get a seamless fiat-to-cryptocurrency on-ramp, there’s built-in recoverability, and simplified transaction fees. You can read more here.

Our first demo is live! 🧪

We have a live beta demo of the first application using Universal Login, Jarvis Web Wallet!

Check it out right here.

Apply for early access 📝

If you want to start digging deeper into how Universal Login can improve your dapp? You can apply for our pilot program to:

  • Get insider news
  • Be first to access upcoming tutorials and documentation
  • Get hands-on help on using Universal Login with your use case

Apply here. 😎

We want your feedback! 👂

If you run into a problem or if there’s a missing feature that’s important to you, please let us know right away.

You can reach out to us best in our Discord channel.

…and Beyond 🚀

We plan on releasing a new beta every 3–4 weeks. In particular, expect a web3 provider API and tutorial with the next beta.

We look forward to working with you to take dapps to the mainstream!

Universal Login

Brantly Millegan

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Universal Login

The best user on-boarding solution for Ethereum dapps.

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