Brantly Millegan
Sep 11 · 2 min read

So you’ve created a cool new Ethereum dapp, and your first users are ready to try it out!

But first they’ll need an Ethereum wallet. And some ETH. They’ll need some way to make their browser Ethereum-compatible — on both their laptop and phone. And what happens if they lose their private key?

We all know what this user on-boarding process is like. It’s complicated, has many steps, and can take days or even weeks to get setup fully. And that’s if your users don’t just give up.

Universal Login solves these problems.

No download needed

With Universal Login integrated into your dapp, your users can create an account and starting using your dapp in a normal browser without installing anything. No browser extensions needed.

Immediately get some ETH — with a credit card

Our integrated fiat on-ramp system enables your users to instantly buy cryptocurrency with their credit card or bank account so they can start using your dapp right away.

Built-in recoverability

But what happens if they lose their device or forget their recovery phrase? Is their account and cryptocurrency lost forever? Not with Universal Login, which has account recoverability from multiple devices.

Simplified transaction fees

So a user has some DAI in their wallet. They try to send it and find out they are unable to pay the transaction fee, which requires ETH. Universal Login eliminates this point of friction by allowing users to pay fees in any Ethereum-based token.

Watch a demo!

If you are a dapp developer, you’re in the right place! On our website, we have links to a test version, our documentation, our Github, and our Discord channel.

If you’d like to talk to us about your dapp joining our pilot program, shoot us an email.

Universal Login

The best user on-boarding solution for Ethereum dapps.

Brantly Millegan

Written by

Universal Login

The best user on-boarding solution for Ethereum dapps.

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