Universal Logins development roundup and events

Alex Van de Sande
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3 min readMar 21, 2019


Short update on what we’ve been up to

We’ve been busy spreading the gospel of better onboarding through meta-transactions all around the world. More specifically, we have been pushing the development while at the same time participating in ETHGlobal hackatons in many countries and we’d like to share a bit about that.

Updates on development

On the development side, here are the latest updates:

  • We are working strongly to have a semi-prioduction ready SDK in the next couple of months
  • We have better more complete documentation website
  • As mentioned, new boilerplate for hackers, perfect for quick hackatons. You don’t even need to clone the repo, just follow the instructions!
  • And last but not least, we have a new Discord Server that you can join to keep updated on our development and talk to the team directly!



In this big extravaganza between february 15 to 17,

started working in a “Universal Wallet”, which is a project that tries to make a working web wallet from our purposefully simple demo. He was then joined by and that decided to tackle the fiat to crypto ramp by adding wyre integration to the onboarding process.

You can read it all in much more details in this great post by Makoto.


During what some called the “Paris blockchain week” (march 3–10), the day after ETHCC was over the ETHParis hackaton started. I gave a talk on how to build simple looking interfaces we should not shy from making complicated backends — in fact, that’s probably a requirement!

While not part of the hackaton, I worked on remaking a small boilerplate for hackers with everything you need to start building your tiny UL proects. Please play with it! Among the great projects that weekend we’d like to feature the awesome work of

, that built a “Universal Upgradable Identity Proxy”. Hadrien won both the Binance and ENS Domains prize.

Upcoming events:

Marek will also be giving a talk at EDCON Sydney (8–14 april). And in August, hold your hats for all the events happening in Berlin! Metacartel Demo Day will be held from monday the 19th and ETHBerlin from 21–23. Of course, there are new events every other week so we might announce a few other ones until then.

Follow us around

We are trying to increase the tools to create a community and keep everyone up to date with our development. So we now have a Medium Magazine were we will be publishing all news related to development (and other meta-transaction stuff in the future) and a new discord server to talk about it live!