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6 Free Tech Resources For Non-Profits

Jun 20 · 2 min read

The non-profit world is hard. Especially in a world filled with myriad injustices. Luckily, as you rollup your sleeves in preparation for the fight against inequity you should know that there are tons of tools out there to bolster the punching power of those on the side of social good. Check Out the List below for 6 free resources you can use to help elevate your non-profit to the next level.

  1. Google Suite: Are you still sending emails for your organization that look like this: Apply for a non-profit account with google and upgrade to a professional email address. Not to mention you have free access to a litany of other features such as Google Ad credits, Youtube Live, and cloud storage.
  2. Canva: Do you need promotional material for social media and events. Well you no longer need a graphic artist to create professional level flyers. Sign up with Canva and as a non-profit you have free access to their top of the line software.
  3. Salesforce: This industry standard tool will have you managing donors like a pro. But its not only a great platform for your organization to handle charity stuff, as mastering this platform will give you and/or your team members a very lucrative skill set.
  4. Office 365: Not to be outdone by Google, but Microsoft also provides non-profits with access to their premium tools for free. For no cost at all you can have the full power of software like Excel, Microsoft Teams, and professional email hosting.
  5. Givelively: Need to accept payments via your website. Well, look no further than Givelively. This free for non-profits product is simple and easy to use and will have you garnering donations through the web in no time. Oh and not to be forgotten. They also possess a text to donate feature to help boost your donor base.
  6. Slack: The communication platform almost all companies depend on is available for to non-profits with less than 250 users, and 85% off for organizations that exceed that limit. This is great for centralizing communication and will help you eschew the pitfalls of segmented communication methods.

There you go. Six resources to help you boost your organization. Now go save the world you magnificent hero you.

Universal Hip Hop Parade

UHHP is a social justice organization from Brooklyn NY which stands on 2 legs: Garvey and Hip-Hop


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Universal Hip Hop Parade

The Universal Hip-Hop Parade for Social Justice, Inc. is a Bed-Stuy based 501c-3 organization committed to social justice and Hip Hop Culture! Founded in 2000 by Jeffery Kazembe Batts, UHHP’s mission is to empower communities via social justice initiatives.

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