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Oct 31, 2018 · 2 min read

Project Development Progress

1. UBBEY Box and UBBEY App updating

1.1 Fix the disk formatting bug of UBBEY Box

1.2 Grey release Ubbey Box 1.2.0 which integrated the testnet

1.3 Confirmed UBBEY Box 2.0 appearance design; completed the hardware circuit plan

1.4 Cache users’ operation data to avoid repeated input

1.5 App1.2.1 has been submitted to App Store and Google Play

1.6 Optimize UBBEY App process; fix reported problems

2. UBBEY Public Chain Progress Updating

2.1 Fix the problem of too many characters in the testnet files

2.2 Fix the broadcasting problem of testnet transaction

2.3 Fix slow blocks generation problem of the testnet

2.4 The testnet booth-nodes have been deployed online

2.5 Verify the testnet transaction package online; add pending status check module

Ecosystem Development and Event Recap

1. Universal Labs Attended the Blockchain Playground 2018 in South Korea

The Korean leading economic newspaper Asian Business Daily organized an event “Blockchain Playground” to facilitate the development of Blockchain ecosystem. The main purpose of this event is to communicate about Blockcahin projects and ideas; matching projects with capital, and meet up the Blockchain players. This event invited VCs, Blockchain project-base companies, prospective entrepreneurs. Keda Che, the CEO of Universal Labs attended this event as one of the guest speakers to share the industry insights.

2. Universal Labs CEO Accept the Interview invitation from Asia Business Daily

Asia Business Daily is one of the leading newspaper in South Korea. Asia Business Daily interviewed Keda Che and published the interview on the newspaper. The main gist of this interview is about the current blockchain ecosystem, blockchain industry trends. Keda Che also shared how Universal Labs will contribute in building the industry ecosystem.

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Universal Labs

Universal Labs is aiming to develop the next generation internet protocols and dapps.

Universal Labs

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Universal Labs

Universal Labs is aiming to develop the next generation internet protocols and dapps.

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