Universal Ledger Hires Micah Heavener as COO and Alan Carlisle as Strategy Advisor

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2 min readAug 23, 2023


Micah Heavener joins as COO; regulatory compliance expert Alan Carlisle joins as Strategy Advisor

GREENVILLE, South Carolina, August 23, 2023 — Universal Ledger, a blockchain-based digital wallet platform that recently emerged from stealth mode with a $10M funding round led by investment firm Hard Yaka, today announced the hire of two more SoFi alumni. Micah Heavener, former head of operations at SoFi, joins as Chief Operating Officer and Alan Carlisle, former SVP and Enterprise Chief Compliance Officer and then an Advisor at SoFi, have reunited with Universal Ledger CEO Kirk Chapman to help build the first blockchain platform to apply digital identity to a fully compliant infrastructure, with the ability to control digital assets.

Heavener said, “Much has been done to enable a more digital experience for consumers, but the way consumer funds flow around the world is still expensive and highly inefficient. Universal Ledger foresees the day when anyone with a baseline identity can hold, send, and receive dollars safely and compliantly. I’m excited to continue to reshape how financial services improve people’s lives.”

Carlisle said, “With Universal Ledger risk and compliance controls are built directly into the ledger itself, which provides a path for companies to build digital wallet experiences while having peace of mind when it comes to compliance and custody. By leveraging blockchain technology and digital identities we’ll protect against abuse and fraud while bringing more people into the contemporary global financial system.”

“Universal Ledger is the first blockchain platform to apply digital identity to a fully compliant infrastructure, with the ability to control digital assets,” Chapman noted. “I’m excited that Micah and Alan see the same promise I did in Universal Ledger and am very glad to welcome them to the team.”

Universal Ledger is a true wallet-as-a-service platform, providing developers and engineers with an API and event-driven architecture on which they can build digital wallet experiences that allow assets to be moved globally, in real time, while maintaining global compliance standards and local jurisdictional identity requirements.

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Universal Ledger is an international business company based in Greenville, South Carolina. The purpose of the company is to provide an identity and compliance-first digital wallet platform that promotes global financial access in a compliant, transparent manner.

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