2018: The Year Humanity Finally Died

Many will say that one has to abide with identity, however problematic it will be; one cannot simply escape the logic of identity.

Actually, I agree that identity cannot be dispensed with. However, a lot depends on how one identifies.

Ultimately, radical individualism is the only true morality.

The national interest, the good of humanity and all other greater goods/collective interests/group rights are merely spooks; dishonest scams and swindles for those in power to try and pull the wool over the eyes of others.

If so, what’s the alternative?

Recognise that while identity might be relevant to people’s interests, all identity demographics must ultimately be viewed as textured and complex wholes; rather than everyone interior to a demographic sharing the same interests. All national, racial, humanitarian and cosmopolitan interests (in a word: ‘special interests,’ or ‘Greater Goods,’) will then be caught up in the ensuing Bonfire of the Vanities.

If people can honestly and sincerely do this, and work very hard at it, then that will truly mean the Death of Humanity.

And that’s really something to drink to, on this fresh and promising New Year’s Day.

I don’t expect ever to see the final demise of The Greater Good in all its forms; but as an august proverb runs:

One dream is stronger than a thousand realities.

The closer one gets to the final demise of humanitarianism, cosmopolitanism, racism, nationalism, religious supremacism (The Five Bludgeons), the closer one will be to true liberation.

But first one must kill what is within oneself, before one turns the cannons of one’s vengenace, love and laughter, upon The Outside.

How many of us, in a thousand, have the courage to do this?

Image attribution:

By NASA (NASA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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