Anti-Homonationalism is Anti-Gay

One of the most insidious re-enactments and re-channeling of homophobic hatred, prejudice and ideology in the world today is the Homonationalist conspiracy theory of the Woke Left.

I’m not going to fisk the following trashy document in detail, as that would be giving it too much credit.

Here are a few key authoritarian, collectivist and deeply ‘post-liberal’ fallacies and canards from this Social Justice monstrosity (excuse the tautology!)

How homonationalism works:
1) The Inclusion Argument: Sexual minorities should call for inclusion in the state through liberal rights of the individual (e.g. gay marriage). The struggle for individual rights replaces the struggle for collective rights, collective resistance, or the transformation of asymmetrical power formations.

Well, yeah. There is no such thing as ‘collective rights.’

Unless you are a Nazi, a Moderate Political Islamist or a Khmer Rouge ideologue.

Collective rights are intrinsically incompatible with the wellbeing of the individual.

The fact this even has to be said is deeply disturbing.

It would be more constructive for my adversaries to think of why this might be, rather than my spoon-feeding them.

I will, however, be a little generous, and say this:

When groups claims or group interests come into conflict with the claims or interests of the individual, the collective will prevail every time; because the kind of people who think group claims are legitimate will always regard groups claims and interests as ‘trumps’ that in all times and all cases overrule the opinions, desires, fears and strivings of ‘mere’ individuals.

Further, the inclusion of sexual minorities under the terms of individual rights is then used in propaganda by the state to demonstrate how civilized, modern, liberal, and democratic the West is, particularly in opposition to backward, pre-modern, and non-democratic states (such as in the Middle East) — a tactic rooted in Orientalism.

I’m not aware that there’s any serious debate, i.e. non-intellectual debate, that individuals and institutions or Western countries are indeed superior in many respects in how we treat LGBT people.

I would have thought that not beheading, stoning or correctively raping people would be a good start.

But then again, I’m not a privileged straight middle class white guy with a chip on his shoulder, like the sort of people who endorse politically correct SocJus stances like the‘Homonationalism’ conspiracy theory.

The equation is simple: Racist/Imperialist/Neoliberal State + homonational queers = Racist/Imperialist/Neoliberal State — responsibility for human rights violations.

Yes, it is indeed perfectly ‘simple,’ given that #TheVastNeoliberalConspiracy isn’t actually a thing.

The corporatization of Toronto Pride and the Israel lobby in Canada.

#DogWhistleAlert #ImpendingDogWhistle

If your LGBT ‘activism’ is antisemitic, it will be bullshit…

Er, Nazi bullshit!

Or at the very least, Moderate Political Islamist.

The events discussed in the following article show that Homonationalism truly is the last refuge of the Quinoa ’n’ Tofu brigade.

Is there a war on LGBT people?


And the peddlers of the Homonationalism conspiracy theory are on the very front line.

Make sure that, regardless of your sexual identity, you take pains to utterly wipe them out with the blazing cannons of your ridicule and mockery.