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Big Brother’s Wee Brother: Guess Who I’m Talking About Here?

Every finger they point at China is ten fingers pointing back at them.

Who is this vast, inscrutable superpower, with its sinister lack of transparency?

Why are the citizens living in fear, because they are not sure about what they can get away with doing?

Why have some people despairingly resorted to political quietism, while others futilely rage, and channel their political energy into nihilistic pursuits that don’t help them or anyone else?

What is this massive, unaccountable surveillance octopus, and how many known unknowns are there, let alone unknown unknowns?

Why are the public promised freedom, while the people who govern them are slaves to their own relentless and inexhaustible passions?

Why is there such a big play about civic virtues and political goods that are sadly lacking?

What is all this grandiloquent, highfaluting rhetoric about richness, power and greatness, when the country grows ever weaker; both at home and abroad?

O tell me, brave Elijahs.

What is his name?

And what is his father’s name?