Fake Monks, Real Boozhees: The ‘Global Citizen’ & his Middle-Class Callousness

There are no ‘global citizens’ in the sweatshops of India, or the fruit farms of Uganda, or the coal mines of Peru. Now isn’t that interesting? If you call yourself #hashtag #globalcitizen, you are distancing yourself from such individuals, and proclaiming your superior virtue and wokeness/weakness.

This song, ‘fake monk,’ could be an excellent characterization of the bourgeois global citizen, who has no regard for meaningful, concrete human relationships, but who wants to set children on fire in the name of Humanity.

Collectivism comes in two flavors: universalistic and particularistic forms. Particularistic forms are explicitly local in character, or otherwise finite; e.g. one nation, race, ethnicity or religious demographic out of all. Other forms are universalistic: e.g. humanitarianism, globalism, cosmopolitanism, internationalism.

As is well enough known by those who are carefully observant of the brutal antics of the self-styled ‘international community’ of Washington D.C., the good of ‘Humanity’ and of the ‘global village’ is a form of morally and civilisationally degenerate assimilation of racism and nationalism upwards into a superficially comprehensive and universal context.

With all the blurry, foggy, pussyhatted child-killing that entails.

In other words, humanitarians, i.e. those who worship the good of Humanity, and who serve Him alone, are crypto-racists and white supremacists; while globalists/cosmopolitans/internationalists are crypto-nationalists. The empty names of ‘Humanity’ and ‘the Global Village’ serve to mask the purely partisan and parochial motivations of the woke global citizen.

But whether one is speaking of explicitly crude and brutal particularism, or fake universalism, one is always dealing with an imaginary ‘collective interest,’ a group interest which is the interest of everyone and nobody.

Try asking them whose interest it is? They won’t answer you.

A compelling dialogue.

Whose interest is the national interest?

Well, it sure as hell ain’t yours, and it sure as hell ain’t mine.

And that only leaves one other person in this world.

Don’t be fooled.

You owe nothing to Humanity!

And nor do I.

Everything I have ever owed, I owe to people. Humanity can go hang!

And with it, the pretentious, pompous, over-privilege global citizen fauxdentity of theirs.

If you ever hear them distance themselves from the backbone of your nation and of every nation in the world, do not pay heed to them.

Know that behind their cringing timidity and servile, petit-bourgeois mediocrity, there is only fear and ressentiment.

Slave morality for the slaves!

Nobility for the noble!

Let us then ring forth the Three Noble Curses:

Death to Humanity!

Death to Society!

Death to the National Interest!

In the name of the Lesser Good…