Incantation of Liberty (II): You are Not Part of “Humanity”

Judging by your demographics, almost all of you are not part of Humanity, and never will be.

And yet, I wonder how many of you realize it.

Are some of you women, who are trying to become part of Humanity?

Or are you gay, or Jewish, or black?

You will never succeed; I can guarantee it!

But there is something else you can do.






Resist the evil empire of ‘Their Common Humanity,’ until the last drop of blood.


“I owe nothing to Humanity. All the good that has ever been done for me, has been done by people. Thus must thy repugnant, illusory Humanity go hang!”

You must surely know that this ‘Universal Interest’ of ‘Our Common Humanity’ will never be your inheritance. It is a fake and a fraud.

The good news, however, is that you can assert your individual interests AGAINST the Universal Interest, AGAINST the Will of Humanity.

And isn’t that far more exhilarating? Doesn’t it make your hair stand on end, and your blood boil with passion?

Be free!

Be free!

Be free!



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