My Challenge to ‘Privileged White Male’ (Ha Ha!) Bourgeois Communists

Question for Marxists:

After the Revolution, how much of a ‘capitalist’ does someone have to be to escape being tortured and killed?

Is a gig economy blogger with Patreon OK?

Or a monetized website; how many of those is OK?

Is a corner shop fine, as long as there is only one of them, in a small town?

Can you have two or three restaurants, as long as you’re not planning to open a whole global chain of ‘em?

Are indie authors OK?

What about people who write for ‘radical’ publishers?

And if the radical publishing house in question actually uses copyright laws and other ‘bourgeois tendencies’ to pursue pirates, is that a good technicality to allow you to brutalize and hang the author?

You may laugh, but this is yet another thing you people never think about in advance.

Does anyone at all have a serious answer?!