Perpetual Com-Motion Machines: Globalist-Humanitarian Ponzi Schemes

Round and round we go!

1. Big Human Rights

No ‘human rights abusers,’ no cash. It is, of course, preferable the human rights abusers are as ‘exotic’ and ‘swarthy’ as possible. For fairly obvious reasons.

2. Humanitarianism

It’s no good having a mere political crisis. That said, rational people already ought to know that all crises are ultimately political in character. However, sentimental folks like having ‘humanitarian crises’ instead, because then they get to manipulate the emotions of others, and tug on the heart-strings. This makes some policy ‘options’ more viable (and lucrative!) than others.

3. Global Security

No offenders against the will of the ‘International Community,’ no dosh!

4. National Security/MIC/Infinite Intel Octopus

See above.

Plus the added racy element of an ‘enemy within.’

Got any more? I’ll add ‘em!


These are really brief notes for further elaboration at a later point. In the mean time, for more meaty work, try our featured articles, on the homepage.

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