There are Too Many of You (The Death of Liberty)

There are far too many among you who are devoted to the national interest, and not your own interests.

There are far too many among us who serve the Good of Humanity, and not my good.

There are far too many who wax poetic and sentimental about an inclusion that does not exclude the hateful and tyrannical….

All the while jealously guarding the racial and class privileges of their own kind; as a party of self-serving, greedy old white guy warmongers.

There are far too many who have fully assimilated themselves into the Satanic death-cult of State-Worship, which is utterly inimical to the heretical and disruptive Promethean spirit of liberty.

There are far too many cultural sex tourists who voyeuristically ‘celebrate diversity,’ without having a care to which forms of differences are legitimate and acceptable for a sceptical, evidence-based liberal, rather than a straight white middle class metropolitan postmodernist intellectual.

These are the days of Noah for Occidental liberalism…

And those who don’t labour on the ship of liberty are about to get carried away by the torrential deluge of popular rage and bitterness.

If you are bewildered by the low polling of the left, then you are part of the problem.

There is no shortage of reasons why we have been getting such a shocking rate of attention.

I will give it to you clean and sweet:

Nobody wants to vote for a party that appeals only to narrow boozhee-metropolitan demographics.

Especially when nobody really knows what such politicos really stand for.

When we sold our souls for 30 pieces of silver, others have made an absolutely storming capital on our pitiful, mediocre investment.

This is a matter of existential urgency.

Whose side are you on?

The Greater Good, or the Greatness of the Individual Good?

If it’s anything but the latter of these two irreconcilable paths that you have chosen to pursue, then prepare for the ultimate destruction and dissolution of the left in the next few months or years.

I believe some of you will remember these words in time to come.

God grant it will be in the springtime of renewal, and not the bitterest, most everlasting winter of starvation and remorse

I owe nothing to Humanity, and the national interest means absolutely nothing to me.

I offer this freely and openheartedly to you all…

In the Name of the Lesser Good.