Yes, I Haven’t Burnt the Flag Yet. Any Ideas Why?

People always wondering why I’m not doing a little spot of flag-burning.

Well, I’m on it, but I need to find a world map to throw on the bonfire first!

Only idiots worship lines on maps; but idiots who worship the map itself are no less pathetic.

Let Freedom blaze!

But first of all, we need enough firewood for a hearty sacrifice.

Country and Kosmos, Race and Species, State and Global Institution, Nation and Continent; I’m not lighting a single spark until all the pathetic, sentimental Spooks are quivering and screaming for mercy under the iron thud of my immortal thousand-league boot of liberty!

If you think it’s OK to oppose nationalism and racism, and not to oppose continental nationalism, globalism and humanitarianism, the problem is you; and you can forget about sanctimoniously moralizing to anyone else.

I owe nothing to Humanity.

The national interest means absolutely nothing to me.

And if you have any sense, you will join me in my Promethean revolt against every single ‘Greater Good’ invented by the cowardly, imbecilic, timidly-decent heart of the weak and the spinelessly mediocre of this world.

Individual liberty is not up for debate.

Get with, or get out!

One Tongue Johnny

In the Name of the Lesser Good

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