Preparing for the Token Economy

Universal Protocol Alliance and the Universal Protocol Token (UPT)

We are excited to announce that Thursday, March 7th, the Universal Protocol Alliance (UP Alliance) will open our ICO to the public. Our alliance of companies, which includes Bittrex International, Uphold, Cred, Brave, Blockchain at Berkeley, CertiK, and Bitgo, are taking the first step towards true interoperability that will attract the next 100 million users of crypto.

Our ambition is to help decentralized ledger technology achieve mainstream adoption as a universal method for transferring value over the internet. The project addresses two major challenges facing the blockchain industry:

  • The lack of a common language required for optimal innovation and mass adoption.
  • The lack of conventional user safeguards characteristic of mature financial markets.

The Universal Protocol Platform is designed to ensure that value — ranging from tokenized real estate to digital fiat currency — can be instantly sent, shared and converted across blockchains to create a decentralized network of finance. As the blockchain ecosystem continues to expand — with the potential to encompass trillions of dollars in assets — the need for interoperability is becoming ever more acute.

What is a Universal Protocol Token?

The underlying utility token behind the Universal Protocol Platform is the Universal Protocol Token (UPT). Through the use of UPT, blockchain users can now seamlessly transact with the family of six to eight new universal tokens that will be produced each year.

Beginning next Thursday, March 7th, UPT can be purchased through the Universal Protocol ICO at All traditional financial transactions will be available through utilizing UPT, such as performing trades and accessing universal tokens representing dozens of real-world assets.

Enabling Dollars, Euros, Bitcoins — any digital asset class — to be more accessible by offering a better set of protections, interoperability and financial services, will usher in hundreds of millions of new blockchain users. Each Universal Protocol token will have a set of common properties and operate under a universal and transparent reserve standard that can be audited and verified through a transparency page.

Universal Protocol UPT ICO Details

Date it starts: March 7, 2019 8:00am PST / 4:00pm GMT

Date it ends: April 1, 2019 8:00am PST / 4:00pm GMT

Amount of UPT Available for Sale: 300 Million UPT

Token Price: $0.01 / UPT

Amount Raising: $3 Million

Amount already raised: $5 million presale, 77.51% locked for 3+ years, rolling monthly

We will be announcing details of the registration process shortly.

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New Blockchain Functionality

What sets the UPP proxy assets apart from their competitors is a slough of new features that will surprise many:

Recoverability of private keys has always remained one of the leading impediments to cultural ratification of cryptocurrency. Before UPP, if you lost the 80 character private key to your digital wallet, it was impossible to “reset” your password. Can you imagine if consumers couldn’t reset their passwords for a Venmo account?

Inheritability of digital assets has also remained elusive for crypto users. Nearly every other commercial asset sets up inheritance in case the original holder meets their timely or untimely demise. Can you imagine if there was no way to access a partner’s retirement benefits if they were to pass unexpectedly? What if an entire company’s value remained in the custody of one person who passed away unexpectedly?

Detachability function for digital consumers who want more flexibility in their trading behaviors. Holders can now transfer control of their assets over to a centralized exchange, in order to perform a trade. Once this trade is performed, the user can take back control of the assets into their own private wallet.

These new functions are provided by nearly all standard financial instruments that have existed for the past two centuries. Now that Universal Protocol has brought such features to the blockchain world, consumers who have been on the fence until now should be assured that blockchain technology is finally maturing.

Passing The Baton

Just as e-commerce became normalized through consumer trust, so will blockchain as a result of these structural changes to cryptocurrency functionality. Without a wider adoption of these consumer safeguards that are championed by Universal Protocol, it remains to be seen how there can be mass adoption of blockchain.

No longer will you be denied the option of recovery to your own assets. No longer will tokens be unable to reason with one another. No more minor league blockchain. The promise of a more functional, more sustainable, more utilitarian, and more equitable asset class, has arrived.

With Universal Protocol’s ICO, and the release of the Universal Proxy Token, we can begin to offer a practical way blockchain standards can work for everyone. By creating an ecosystem in which disparate cryptocurrencies can talk to each other and be traded through proxy representations, Universal Protocol is moving the technology to a new level of accessibility. Its introduction of new consumer safeguards will transform the sector as new capital and new users come pouring in. With this new multi-functionality, blockchain can begin to help democratize access to finance globally, and bring true respectability to this industry.

An Alliance of Like-minded Blockchain Leaders with a Common Vision

‘We’re thrilled to join an Alliance of like-minded blockchain companies dedicated to incubating blockchain-based technologies and helping projects go mainstream. The blockchain industry needs technology that can build trust and transparency, and the platform the Alliance has built should help drive mass utility and adoption.’ Bill Shihara, CEO Bittrex International

‘The UP Platform solves real usability and familiarity problems faced by the next hundred million users of digital assets.’ Brendan Eich, Founder and CEO Brave Software Inventor of JavaScript

‘The Universal Protocol Alliance is a coalition of companies dedicated to bringing more inclusive, transparent and efficient set of financial services to mainstream users through blockchain technology.’ Dan Schatt, Co-Founder and President, Cred

‘The UP Platform will unlock the vast and untapped potential of blockchain to transform how individuals and businesses store and transfer value, with Universal Tokens representing the next generation of digital money. We will open up access and lower barriers to entry to a wide range of financial assets using a truly mature form of crypto token.’ JP Thieriot Co-Founder and CEO Uphold

‘Bringing the next 100 million users into cryptocurrency is a bold, but necessary mission for blockchain technology. It is a milestone that cannot be achieved alone. We are honored to join this prestigious group of organizations and excited to use our technology to provide the most rigorous security assurances and facilitate greater adoption.’ Daryl Hok, EVP and COO CertiK

‘The UP Platform serves to provide universal inclusion and decentralized access to core financial products and services for the next hundred million users. It’s hard to think of a more worthwhile project in the industry.’ Howard Wu, Co-Founder Dekrypt Capital


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