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Meeting the Worldbuilders — Frostfyre

This article is from a series here on Universe Factory, where we look at the people behind the Worldbuilding. We present a number of short interviews with people who have been using our site to try and get some insight into who they are and how it is being used. This interview is with Frostfyre.

Hi Frostfyre and thanks for agreeing to be interviewed for the Worldbuilding Blog.

Not a problem.

Can we start with a little bit about you? What part of our world are you from and what do you do for a living?

Well, I live in Alabama, United States of America, but I was born in Indiana, USA, so “where” can be a tricky question. I currently work as a software engineer.

So you first asked a question back in February last year, what was it brought you to Worldbuilding?

I saw something on the Hot Network Question list while browsing StackOverflow. It caught my attention and brought me here. Then I read through every question and had a few of my own, so I hung around.

I imagine we get a lot of computer programmers that way. Is there any particular subject that interests you more than others?

Magic and mythology. Seeing how other people handle these and what questions they have helps me with ideas of my own and how they think. I like to people-watch. Also, I love dragons.

What’s not to love about dragons? So are you actively building a world at the moment or is it more general interest?

Actively? Kind of. I have a bunch of notes I’ve been fleshing out over the last few months since finishing my last one, but I’m not putting a concerted effort into it at the moment. I’m hung up on making the world map. My computer and the map software don’t get along.

What are a few of your favorite questions or answers that you’ve written?

That’s a hard question to answer… I think my favorite question I asked was this one: Science behind a naturally invisible creature I learned something awesome by asking it.

Another would be: Explaining an evil god of joy, because it was a real problem I was struggling with.

My favorite answer would probably be: Alynn the Scientific Mage: Science Principles, because I learned something new while working it out.

You pulled out some physics for that answer, is applying real-world science to fantastical situations something you particularly enjoy?

Certainly. The custom magic that pervades all my works blends magic and science. I always feel that if something isn’t scientifically plausible then something’s wrong. After all, magic could just be science we don’t understand yet.

Yes, there’s the famous quote about magic and science that applies there. Moving on is there any particular question, answer or person here on Worldbuilding that you would say has really inspired you?

I’d have to say not. There’s too many wonderful and awesome people around here to call one out as special.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or say?

This community comes up with the strangest questions. Every time I think I’ve seen a new weirdest, I know there’s something stranger around the corner. I hope it keeps going. It’s great fun.

Well I know I share that hope, as do many others I’m sure. Thanks for taking the time to do this quick interview Frostfyre.

Happy to help!

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