Transcendence to new world

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She seemed secluded from the world. She had found a comfortable corner in the school’s playground and had made herself completely unnoticed. She, despite being so young, had a bold posture and her face was shining with determination. While others in her class were busy in playing and fighting, this little, twelve-year-old girl, was busy in exploring something unconventional, something so weird yet thrilling!

“Come on Angel! Come play with us!” screamed her friends. Yes, her name was Angel. Angel politely shook her head in negative; her friends convincingly left her alone. They knew that she liked solitude. But what they didn’t know was Angel had just haphazardly experienced so many experiences which she, herself, was unable to sort and arrange. Yes, haphazard experiences!

The day was bright, yet Angel was feeling little dark, little short of her sharp memory. She was hardly able to recall those incidences which had almost and were going to completely change her life. She tried, however, to memorize the chain of events which had transformed the entire personality and purpose of Angel’s life. She went to flashback…

(In Angel’s flashback-two days back)

It was dark afternoon. Not dark because of natural routines that shuts the sun and welcomes clouds, but an unnatural one. But no human noticed that however! Angel had just finished her school’s homework and was arranging her bag for the next day’s school. Angel had already done lunch with her mom-dad earlier; and after her school work, she was completely free to finally notice the unnatural aura, unnatural darkness surrounded in the atmosphere.

It was 3.45 in the clock, but the darkness hinted it something else. Angel was surprised to see such natural phenomena which she had never seen before. She was even more surprised to see that no human heed to this! She went out to courtyard to have a clear image of sky. And guess what, she saw darkness, but no clouds; she saw sun; but no brightness!!

And suddenly, out of nowhere, from that darker sky came out a focused ray of bright beam. That beam had landed few meters away from Angel’s feet. She was amazed and terrified. She felt hesitant, frightened and confused at the same time! She screamed loudly, she shouted for help. She called her parents….”MOM DAD…LOOK!”

“MOM DAD!!??”

Listening the voice of angel, her parents, rushed to Angel’s room. They were shocked to see Angel screaming in sleep! Angel immediately rose up and sheltered in her mother’s arms. When she came back into her senses, she realized that she was on her bed, and what she just saw was a dream. She stared outside her window- a bright natural day. She convinced herself that she might have taken a nap in the afternoon, after her school work.

But really, was she sleeping? Really, was that darkness part of weird dream?

Find out in next part of the story…

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