Want to Contribute?

Welcome to Universe Factory! We’re glad you’re here. We welcome your comments and contributions.

This blog is run by the community at Worldbuilding Stack Exchange, a diverse group of writers, scientists, game designers, artists, fans, and people like you. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live on a planet in a binary-star system, or how sentient life would develop underwater, or how the biology of tri-sex aliens would work, this is the place for you.

We welcome your contributions, whether you’re an active user on Worldbuilding.SE or somebody who found us on Medium. We’re looking for the following types of posts:

  • Science topics that affect worldbuilding — astronomy, technology, geology, linguistics, economics, sociology, xenobiology, and more.
  • Discussions of particular worlds, your own or others’.
  • How-to articles.
  • Reviews — books, software tools useful to the worldbuilder, games, movies, etc.
  • Fiction set in unusual worlds.
  • What-if explorations — your own premises or ones on Worldbuilding.SE that you found interesting. How would Earth be different with two moons, anyway?
  • Discussions of interesting questions from the Worldbuilding site.
  • Anything else that fits the worldbuilding theme. Worldbuilders are known for their inventiveness and imagination; surely you didn’t think that a single bulleted list could cover everything?

Great — how do I get in on this?

First, you’ll need an account here on Medium. You can sign in with Google, Twitter, or Facebook or create an email-based account. That’s enough to allow you to comment on any post you see here. Our authors love feedback and questions, so comment away!

To submit a blog post of your own, first write your post here on Medium (saving a draft) or import it from elsewhere on the web and then submit it.

In order to submit your post for consideration you’ll need to be listed as a writer for Universe Factory. Don’t worry; you’re not committing to a particular number of posts or anything like that. If you want to do a series, great! If you want to share one thing and never write for us again, also fine! To become a writer, send email to universefactory.blog@gmail.com (or, if you’re a user on Stack Exchange, ping us there). Be sure to tell us your Medium user name, and we’d love to hear about your ideas for posts, too.

If you have an account on Worldbuilding Stack Exchange, you can drop into our chat room to discuss posts, schedules, how to use Medium, and lots of other stuff. If you have access to the chat room, that’s also a fine way to ask to be added as a writer.

Then what?

Our editorial team reviews all submissions. We’ll probably do some light copy-editing, but we won’t change anything major. We’ll work with you on any changes we’d like, and then schedule your post for publication.

Image credit: Kurtis Beavers, Creative Director at Stack Overflow, used with permission.