With cryptocurrency gaining more popularity and attention, the need for regulations and policy that support the industry become more necessary.

Cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens are such a new innovation it’s only natural that policy makers would be a little disconnected to what the industry is innovating towards. The end goal…

Airdrop “claim” theory will begin on Monday July 19th, 2021, at 0:00 AM UTC and will last 100 weeks.

Week 1 being the lowest amount of total claim and week 100 being the highest amount of total claim.

You can only claim one time, when you claim you are done

Traditional Rarity

We believe that Crypto Punks will go down as one of the most meaningful art projects in history when it’s all said and done. The attention to detail, the innovation, the way it took the world years to realize what they had actually created. It was amazing.


The moment we all have been waiting for, the first official Universe drop, the Polymorphs!

What is a Polymorph?

We believe that Polymorphs are the beginning of what will be a wave of technically advanced NFTs for the Web3 ecosystem. Like many collections before us, Polymorphs exist with rarity and…

Purpose: If you received tokens for being a team member, seeder, or are part of the discretionary airdrop, you will be able to claim 1% of your $XYZ tokens from vesting contracts, ever week, for 100 weeks.

This article walks through how to go about claiming either your $XYZ (Universe)…

Link to Yield Farming


Everyone is extremely excited we are rolling out the XYZ token from yield farming, airdrops and liquidity provider incentivization. We want to go over the dynamics of each so everyone is completely aware of how this is going to work.

First off we would like to make a big announcement…


Some call it the Big Bang, some call it the beginning, others call it the Birth of the Universe.

In our case, it’s Universe.xyz.

The Universe is now forever expanding at an accelerated rate, all while the xyzDAO controls the future and the fate of this project.

Starting with an…

Since we are officially releasing all of our Docs we wanted to announce our seed round raised over $4.3 Million dollars ($21m valuation) to bootstrap a DAO designed for artists to be empowered on Ethereum. Universe has many contributors that are building DeFi products on Ethereum for the long haul.


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