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How to Claim Your $XYZ Tokens from a Vesting Contract

Purpose: If you received tokens for being a team member, seeder, or are part of the discretionary airdrop, you will be able to claim 1% of your $XYZ tokens from vesting contracts, ever week, for 100 weeks.

This article walks through how to go about claiming either your $XYZ (Universe) or tokens from a regularly-vesting smart contract.

Note: The vesting process is executed through one specific smart contracts.


a. You will be provided with the respective Ethereum addresses

b. These smart contracts can be viewed and interacted with via etherscan.com

2. Identify your vesting rate

Our vesting contracts typically iterate themselves in weekly epochs; that is to say, the amount of tokens you expect to receive weekly will become available at 0:00 UTC on Mondays (e.g., 7 / 8 PM EST on Sundays, depending on DST).

If you do not claim your tokens for a given week, the accrued amount will be claimable whenever you do so in the future

Tax Note: If you are a US citizen, typical practice is for the vested amount to count as income on the date when you were eligible to claim it, regardless if you did or not. However, we recommend consulting with a professional tax person.

3. Claim Your Tokens for a Given Epoch

Once the first epoch has passed for your vesting contract, you can navigate to your respective vesting contract on Etherscan and choose “Write Contract” underneath the “Contract” tab.

  • The fees associated with this transfer of tokens are determined by Ethereum network congestion and are thus variable



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