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When it comes to revising, every student has a range of techniques that they find to be individually useful. From cue cards and colourful notes to mind maps and spider diagrams. However, once you have your facts written and your notes organised, it can be difficult to actually soak in all the information. Simply re-reading or re-writing notes is not effective for everyone. This is where online tools can come in useful, making revision interactive and engaging.


One such tool is Quizlet. This website (and app) allows you to convert your revision notes into virtual cue cards or quizzes, where you can then test yourself using Quizlet’s variety of modes. These modes include games like simple flashcards, writing answers from memory, and matching terms to their definitions. It’s especially useful in its app form, as you can take a quick quiz anywhere without having to take your notes with you or open your laptop. This can motivate you to revise without being daunted by a long and draining study session. Not only this, but it can keep the information fresh in your mind through interactive visuals and variety. Making revision simple and mobile, you’ll struggle to find an excuse to procrastinate!


Another useful tool is GoConqr. It is a website that allows you to create a variety of revision materials virtually, like mind maps, flashcards, and quizzes. You can access other people’s notes and content, including entire modules, to revise collaboratively. This is a useful feature for both drawing inspiration and highlighting information your personal notes may be missing. The site also hosts online study groups that you can join. Whether you choose to access a general or subject-specific study channel, you and other students can discuss your revision and share tips within these groups. Whilst more traditional in terms of its revision methods, GoConqr benefits from being a portable tool that allows for collaborative work.

These are just a couple of suggestions that you may not have previously considered. There are a variety of other sites and apps out there, so you can always find one that works for you! Why not give online revision tools a go?

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