Spotlight On: Online Workshops and Webinars for Study and Revision Skills

With semester two upon us, why not brush up on your study and revision skills by attending some useful online workshops or watching useful webinars?

There are a variety of workshops and webinars available online, either live or pre-recorded. They are a useful resource to help you develop existing skills and improve your learning and academic work. Below we will explore a few examples including the details on how you can attend these events.


The Skills@Library team offers a range of online workshops for all taught students on a range of key topics such as critical thinking, academic language, writing literature reviews, and preparing for exams.

  • More information can be found on the Library website
  • Alternatively, join their mailing list. This will keep you up to date with the release of new events and dates for workshops.

University of Leeds: University Hosted Workshops and Webinars

There is an abundance of recorded University-run webinars and workshops available to view on YouTube. Attached is a selection to get you started, hopefully providing you with some inspiration!




The University of Leeds was founded in 1904, and its origins go back to the nineteenth century with the founding of the Leeds School of Medicine in 1831.

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